Sample Tools by Cr2 Liquid Drum & Bass WAV MIDI

July 2nd 2022 | wav midi | 1.7 GB

我们非常高兴地发布了我们的第一个 Liquid Drum & Bass 样本包!这个包包含丰富的垫子、深沉的低音线和涓涓细流的鼓,将帮助您提高 Liquid Drum & Bass 制作的标准。

这个制作工具包包含高质量的贝斯循环、分层合成器循环、平滑的鼓循环和一系列高度处理的命中,供您轻松拖放到采样器中。如果您喜欢平滑滚动的纹理和音景、优美的钢琴旋律和强劲的低音线,那么这个包就是为您准备的!适合任何 Drum & Bass 爱好者,无论风格如何。

受到 High Contrast、Technimatic、Camo & Krooked、Netsky 和 ​​Calibre 声音的启发,这个样本包将成为您的声音库中的首选,并将立即为您的作品和创造力增添天赋。

我们是 Cr2 的 Sample Tools,这是……Liquid Drum & Bass!

MIDI 文件总数:94

20 x 贝司命中
20 x 合成器命中
40 个低音循环(干/湿)
40 个合成器循环(干/湿)
20 次拍手
20 次踢
20 x 帽子
20 x Percs
20 个圈套
80 x 鼓循环
35 x FX 元素(Atmospheric Loops、Downlifters、Uplifters、Impacts)
6 个歌曲启动器
40 x MIDI(贝司/合成循环对应部分)


We are super pleased to release our first Liquid Drum & Bass sample pack! Packed with lush pads, deep basslines and trickling drums, this pack will help you raise the bar of your Liquid Drum & Bass productions.

This production toolkit contains high-quality bass loops, layered synth loops, smooth drum loops, and an array of highly processed hits for you to drag and drop into your sampler with ease. If you’re a fan of smooth-rolling textures and soundscapes, beautiful piano melodies, and driving bass lines then this pack is for you! Fit for any lover of Drum & Bass, no matter what the style is.

Inspired by the sounds of High Contrast, Technimatic, Camo & Krooked, Netsky, and Calibre, this sample pack will become the go-to in your sonic arsenal and will add instant flair to your productions and creativity.

We are Sample Tools by Cr2, and this is… Liquid Drum & Bass!

Total Size: 3.5GB
Total Audio Files: 454
Total MIDI Files: 94

20 x Bass Hits
20 x Synth Hits
40 x Bass Loops (DRY/WET)
40 x Synth Loops (DRY/WET)
20 x Claps
20 x Kicks
20 x Hats
20 x Percs
20 x Snares
80 x Drum Loops
35 x FX elements (Atmospheric Loops, Downlifters, Uplifters, Impacts)
6 x Songstarters
40 x MIDI (Bass / Synth Loop Corresponding Parts)

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