Sample Tools by Cr2 Brazilian Bass WAV MIDI

July 2nd 2022 | wav midi | 919 MB

借助巴西贝斯,我们再次突破了声音界限。更硬朗的鼓声、更性感的合成器、震撼的贝斯线,当然还有我们传奇的 Songstarter 构建套件。



此包中包含 500 多个音频文件以及所有旋律元素的 MIDI 内容,可让您快速获得灵感。每个样品都经过精心制作,并考虑到了生产者。

巴西贝斯是任何制作人的完美样本包和工具包,从 Progressive House 和 Electro House 一直到 Future Bass 和 Slap House。不要睡在这个上面!

我们是 Cr2 的示例工具,这是……巴西低音!


MIDI 文件总数:68
20 x 贝司命中
40 个低音循环
20 次拍手
20 x 帽子
20 x 踢
20 x Percs
140 x 鼓循环
25 倍外汇
6 个歌曲启动器
20 x 合成器命中
20 个合成器循环


With Brazilian Bass, we’ve pushed the sonic boundaries once again. Harder drums, sexier synths, pounding basslines, and of course, our legendary songstarter construction kits.

Brazilian Bass music is a genre that is dominating the dance music scene right now with its infectious grooves and energy. That’s why with this sample pack we’ve decided the create something to allow you to learn the secrets behind the sound.

The thunderous bass loops in the pack will rock your studio. The emotive pads will have you closing your eyes and dreaming. And the plucky synth melodic elements will slot seamlessly into your productions to help take your productions to the next level.

Included within this pack we have over 500 audio files as well as MIDI content for all of the melodic elements to allow you to get ideas down quickly. Each sample has been carefully crafted with the producer in mind.

Brazilian Bass is the perfect sample pack and toolkit for any producer making anything from Progressive House and Electro House all the way to Future Bass and Slap House. Don’t sleep on this one!

We are Sample Tools by Cr2 and this is… Brazilian Bass!


Total File Size: 1.16GB
Total Audio Files: 508
Total MIDI Files: 68
20 x Bass Hits
40 x Bass Loops
20 x Claps
20 x Hats
20 x Kick
20 x Percs
140 x Drum Loops
25 x FX
6 x Songstarters
20 x Synth Hits
20 x Synth Loops

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