Sample Tools by Cr2 Slap House Vocals WAV MIDI SERUM

July 2nd 2022 | wav midi serum | 1.7 GB

使用 Slap House & Vocals,您将拥有庞大的高品质声音库,可帮助您与专业制作的 Slap House 曲目竞争。史诗般的低音线、有力的鼓声和令人惊叹的朗朗上口的人声只是这个广泛的包包含的几个元素。

此版本包含 670 多个音频样本、88 个 midi 文件和 22 个血清预设,是我们目录中最广泛的样本包之一。受 Alok、Imanbek、Tiesto、Vize、Sigala 等音乐的启发,这个包为您提供了制作无可挑剔的 Slap House 音轨的所有必要工具。

期待找到所有常见的元素,如贝司打击和循环、合成器打击和循环、大量的鼓点和有力的鼓循环、一系列详细的 FX 元素以及与贝司和合成器循环相对应的 MIDI 文件。此外,这个包还包括活泼的声乐镜头和许多郁郁葱葱的声乐循环。最后但并非最不重要的一点是,这个包包含 6 个完整制作的歌曲启动器套件,所有这些套件都带有完整的声乐顶线。您会收到乐器和人声的所有相关词干,包括干和湿的背景人声,以及相应的 midi 和血清预设。

这个多合一的工具包拥有您希望帮助您制作最大的 slap house 轨道的一切!此包中的内容还可以用于其他类型,例如 Deep House、Future House 和 future Bounce。

我们是 Cr2 的 Sample Tools,这是…… Slap House & Vocals!

MIDI 文件总数:88
20 x 贝司命中
20 x 合成器命中
40 个低音循环(干/湿)
40 个合成器循环(干/湿)
10 x 声乐一击
20 x 人声循环(干/湿)
105 次击鼓
20 次拍手
20 次踢
20 x 帽子
25 x Percs
20 个圈套
100 个鼓循环
35 x 外汇
6 个 Songstarter(285 个音频文件 – 包括所有声带 + 48 个 MIDI 文件 + 22 个血清预设)
40 x MIDI(对应于合成器和贝斯循环)


With Slap House & Vocals you will possess over a huge arsenal of extremely high quality sounds that will help you compete with professionally produced Slap House tracks. Epic basslines, powerful drums, and breathtaking catchy vocals are only a few elements that this extensive pack contains.

With over 670 audio samples, 88 midi files, and 22 serum presets, this release is one of the most extensive sample packs in our catalogue. Inspired by the sounds of Alok, Imanbek, Tiesto, Vize, Sigala, and many more, this pack provides you with all the essential tools to produce impeccable Slap House tracks.

Expect to find all the usual elements like bass hits & loops, synth hits & loops, a great selection of drum hits and punchy drum loops, a range of detailed FX elements, and MIDI files corresponding to the bass & synth loops. Additionally this pack includes snappy vocal shots and a number of lush vocal chop loops. Last but not least, this pack contains 6 fully produced songstarter kits, all with a full vocal top line. You receive all relevant stems of the instrumental AND vocal including the backing vocals both dry and wet, as well as the corresponding midi and serum presets.

This all-in-one toolkit has everything you could wish for to assist you in producing the biggest slap house tracks! Content in this pack can also be used in other genres such as Deep House, Future House, and future Bounce.

We are Sample Tools by Cr2 and this is… Slap House & Vocals!

Total Size: 2.26GB
Total Audio Files: 677
Total MIDI Files: 88
Total Serum Presets: 22
20 x Bass Hits
20 x Synth Hits
40 x Bass Loops (DRY/WET)
40 x Synth Loops (DRY/WET)
10 x Vocal One Shots
20 x Vocal Loops (DRY/WET)
105 x Drum Hits
20 x Claps
20 x Kicks
20 x Hats
25 x Percs
20 x Snares
100 x Drum Loops
35 x FX
6 x Songstarters (285 Audio Files – Including all Vocal stems + 48 MIDI Files + 22 Serum Presets)
40 x MIDI (corresponding to the synth and bass loops)

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