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HiDERA | 2022年11月23日| 3.06 GB


通过接触到Speaker Honey独特和原创的声音,我们可以更多地了解如何使用跨类型的技术和制作风格来创作一首歌曲。


带着令人陶醉的标志性声音和充满活力、关注未来的心态,Speaker Honey代表着下一代舞曲。

尽管多年来她一直在乐队里演奏,用无数的工具来创造她的标志性风格,但Speaker Honey是通过舞曲界最著名的厂牌之一mau5trap介绍自己的。

她的首张单曲《Shoyu》在该公司2019年的合辑《We Are Friends》第9卷中发行,完美契合了这张唱片的多样性和创新性。

在她的厂牌首秀之后,Speaker Honey已经在mau5trap发布了一些音乐,包括她的Night Visions EP, Super Future EP和她最新的Interrupted EP。



HiDERA | 23 November 2022 | 3.06 GB

In this exclusive course, you’ll learn how to transform your unfinished ideas into finished songs with mau5trap artist Speaker Honey. Over 5 lessons, she will share her insight into structuring songs, creating and refining core melodies and rhythms, the importance of cohesive transitions, FX placement, audio and midi processing, and the mixdown process.

By gaining access to Speaker Honey’s unique and original sound, we can understand more about how to create a song using cross-genre techniques and production styles.

Your Instructor

Stepping onto the scene with an intoxicating signature sound and a spunky, future-focused state of mind, Speaker Honey represents the next generation of dance music.

Though she’s spent years playing in bands and tinkering with countless tools to create her signature touch, Speaker Honey made her introduction through one of dance music’s most notable labels, mau5trap.

Her debut single “Shoyu” was released on the label’s 2019 compilation, We Are Friends, Vol. 9, a perfect fit for the diverse, innovative nature of the record.

Following her label debut, Speaker Honey has since released a handful of music with mau5trap including her Night Visions EP, Super Future EP, and her latest Interrupted EP.

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