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HiDERA | 2022年11月23日| 3.54 GB

劳尔(奔跑后卫,永久假期,太空节拍,未来的布吉)无疑是最受尊敬的名字之一。作为法兰克福乐坛的长期常客和精神之家罗伯特·约翰逊(Robert Johnson),他花了20多年的时间发布有趣、前卫的音乐,为他在宅男中赢得了一批狂热追随者。在这个过程中,你将有难得的机会与菲利普劳尔,因为他带你进入他的完全模拟工作室,金字塔III,创建一个轨道现场在你的眼睛。深入了解他的古怪和奇妙的合成和效果的收集和模拟桌,作为他的工作室运作的大脑。主题将包括信号流、基本合成、测序、排列等。

菲利普·劳尔在2000年发行了他的处女作《12》之后,在过去20年左右的时间里涉足了不少作品。作为声名狼藉的《Pyramide II》工作室的首席执行官,他的混编作品数量超过了200个(还在不断增加),包括为Sven Väth、Pet Shop Boys、M83、S-Express、Falco或Sebastien Tellier等公司创作的作品。除了在Running Back、Permanent Vacation、Beats In Space、LARJ、Future Boogie等厂牌发行个人作品外。这也得益于他作为团队合作者的勤奋工作,使他成为行业中最努力工作的人之一:Tuff City Kids(与Gerd Janson合作)、Black Spuma(与Fabrizio Mammarella合作)和TNP(与Tim Sweeney合作)都是Lauer参与的项目。虽然菲利普的迪斯科页面已经有电话簿那么大了他的巡演日程也像奥德赛一样,但他只是在为即将发生的事情热身。



HiDERA | 23 November 2022 | 3.54 GB

Lauer (Running Back, Permanent Vacation, Beats in Space, Future Boogie) is undoubtedly one of the most respected names in house. A longtime fixture of the Frankfurt scene and its spiritual home Robert Johnson, he has spent over two decades releasing playful, forward-thinking music that has earned him a cult following among house nerds. In this course, you’ll get the rare opportunity to hang out with Philipp Lauer as he takes you into his entirely analog studio, Pyramide III, to create a track live before your eyes. Get an inside look into his collection of weird and wonderful synths and effects and the analog desk which serves as the brain of his studio operation. Topics will include signal flow, basic synthesis, sequencing, arrangement, and more.

Your Instructor
Philipp Lauer has had his fingers in quite a few pies over the last 2 decades or so, following the release of his debut 12” in 2000. As CEO of the infamous Pyramide II studio his remix count goes way beyond 200 (still ceaselessly rising), including work for Sven Väth, Pet Shop Boys, M83, S-Express, Falco or Sebastien Tellier to name just a few. Besides releasing solo productions as Lauer on labels such as Running Back, Permanent Vacation, Beats In Space, LARJ, Future Boogie. It is also due to his diligent work as a teamplayer that makes him appear as one of the hardest working people in the business: Tuff City Kids (with Gerd Janson), Black Spuma (with Fabrizio Mammarella) and TNP (with Tim Sweeney) are amongst those projects Lauer is involved in. Although Philipp’s Discogs page already has the size of a phone book and his tour schedule reads like Odyssey, he’s only just warming up for whatever is gonna happen.

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