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HiDERA |年11月23日| 4.11 GB

找到你的流量与弗雷德一切,一个真正的大师深屋,因为他带你通过他的混合工作流,集成硬件合成,鼓机,和软件排序。在5天的时间里,您将发现为他赢得2016年Traxsource #1 Deep House Producer称号的工具和技术。本课程将涵盖歌曲创作、声音设计、混音、编曲等主题。这是一个机会,从一个真实的房子传奇,在一个现场,互动的环境。


总部位于加拿大蒙特利尔,Fred Everything是一个电子音乐制作人和DJ,也是Deep House最稳定的艺术家之一。在过去的25年里,他发布了超过250个版本和混音的厂牌,如Defected, Freerange, 20:20 Vision, Compost, Om,他自己的厂牌Lazy Days Recordings,他还混音过Curtis Mayfield, Jazzanova, Miguel Migs, Osunlade, Dennis Ferrer, Crazy P和Juno爵士年度专辑奖得主Dominique Fils-Aimé等艺术家。他也经常与拉里·希尔德、阿特爵士和詹普斯特等名字一起被引用。

作为一名DJ,他在世界各地的俱乐部如Fabric(伦敦),Space(伊比沙岛)Stereo(蒙特利尔)和音乐节如Coachella,蒙特利尔国际爵士音乐节,Piknik Electronik/Igloofest, Defected Croatia和更多。



HiDERA | 23 November 2022 | 4.11 GB

Find your flow with Fred Everything, one of the true masters of Deep House, as he takes you through his hybrid workflow that integrates hardware synths, drum machines, and sequencers with software. Over 5 days, you’ll discover the tools and techniques that earned him the title of Traxsource’s #1 Deep House Producer in 2016. This course will cover topics such as songwriting, sound design, mixing, arrangement and more. This is your chance to learn from a real house legend in a live, interactive environment.

Your Instructor

Based in Montreal, Canada, Fred Everything is an electronic music producer and DJ, and one of the most consistent artists in Deep House. For the past 25 years, he’s put out over 250 releases and remixes on labels such as Defected, Freerange, 20:20 Vision, Compost, Om, his own label Lazy Days Recordings, and he’s remixed artists such as Curtis Mayfield, Jazzanova, Miguel Migs, Osunlade, Dennis Ferrer, Crazy P, and Juno Jazz Album of the Year winner Dominique Fils-Aimé. He is also often cited alongside names like Larry Heard, Atjazz and Jimpster.

As a DJ, he’s played all over the world at clubs such as Fabric (London), Space (Ibiza) Stereo (Montreal) and Festivals such as Coachella, Montreal International Jazz Festival, Piknik Electronik/Igloofest, Defected Croatia and many more.

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