Zenhiser Big EDM Stems WAV-FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 16 November 2021 | 1.69 GB

我们收到了太多关于 Stem 包的请求,以至于我们别无选择,只能将其中一位制作人锁定在工作室中,并且在他创作出一些最令人难以置信的 EDM 曲目之前不让他出去。然后我们让他把每一个声音都分解成一个词干,掌握一切并交出货物。直到那时他才被允许重新露面,我们很快就意识到了这部杰作的潜力。 “Big EDM Stems”真的令人难以置信,254 个把立部件创造了 10 个史诗般的 EDM 套件。随着每个部分都准备好放入音轨,您可以访问 10 个最有影响力的 EDM 音轨和怪物掉落。您可以使用这些主干部件立即获得结果,只需聆听主混音样本,选择您想要使用的部件,几分钟之内您就可以获得具有纪念意义的 EDM 音轨的基础。

专业创建、录制和掌握,确保您收到一些最高质量的节目,以在您的曲目中使用。这个 EDM 把立包的选项几乎是无穷无尽的,使用所提供的把立,循环你最喜欢的部分,在飞行中编辑任何部分而不会弄乱曲目的其余部分,甚至切碎、扭曲和使用这些部分来完全创造一些东西与原版不同。这真的是每个制作人的 EDM 包,太好了,我们想在一个预览中使用所有 EDM 词干!

每个 EDM 主干都包含多种声音,包括低音垫、主垫、拍手、碰撞、edm 主音、fx、fx 升降器、高音、底鼓、弹拨、骑行、军鼓和一系列交替声音,包括反向钹、胡佛声音、各种军鼓类型、各种底鼓类型和明确的合成器声音。虽然主要为 EDM 设计,但这些部分也可用于 Progressive House、Trance、House 和 EDM 子类型。压缩为 2.3 GB,这是我们迄今为止最大的样本包,我们不仅仅意味着压缩大小,Big EDM Stems 是 Zenhiser 包,在未来几个月内将席卷 EDM 场景。

“Big EDM Stems”中的所有样品都是 100% 免版税的。购买后,您可以在曲目和混音中使用所有这些声音,没有任何限制。

大 EDM 杆包括:

•EDM 套件 1 128bpm G – 26 个样品
•EDM 套件 2 128bpm D# – 28 个样本
•EDM 套件 3 128bpm G – 30 个样品
•EDM 套件 4 128bpm F – 23 个样品
•EDM 套件 5 128bpm G – 27 个样品
•EDM 套件 6 128bpm F – 23 个样品
•EDM 套件 7 128bpm F – 21 个样品
•EDM 套件 8 128bpm F – 23 个样品
•EDM 套件 9 128bpm D – 27 个样品
•EDM 套件 10 128bpm F – 26 个样品


We’ve had so many requests for Stem packs that we had no choice but to lock one of producers in the studio and not let him out until he created some of the most incredible EDM tracks. Then we got him to split every sound into a stem, master the sh*t out of everything and hand over the goods. Only then was he allowed back into the light and we soon realised the potential of this masterpiece. “Big EDM Stems” is truly incredible, 254 stem parts creates 10 EDM kits of epic proportions. With every part ready to drop into an audio track you have access to 10 of the most influential sounding EDM tracks and monster drops. You can get immediate results with these stem parts, simply listen to the master mix sample, choose the parts you want to use and within minutes you’ve got the base to a monumental EDM track.

professionally created, recorded and mastered ensuring you receive some of the highest quality programming to use within your tracks. The options with this EDM stem pack are nearly endless, use the stems as supplied, loop your favourite parts, edit any part on the fly without messing around with the rest of the track or even chop, warp and use the parts to create something totally different to the original. This really is an EDM pack for every producer, it’s so good we wanted to use all the EDM stems in the one preview!

Each EDM stem contains a multitude of sounds including bass pads, main pad, clap, crash, edm lead, fx, fx lifters, high lead, kick, pluck, ride, snare and an array of alternate sounds including reverse cymbals, hoover sounds, various snare types, various kick types and definitive synth sounds. Whilst mainly designed for EDM these parts can also be used for Progressive House, Trance, House & EDM sub genres. Zipping in at 2.3 GB this is our biggest sample pack to date and we don’t mean just in zip size, Big EDM Stems is a Zenhiser pack that over the coming months will take the EDM scene by storm.

All the samples within “Big EDM Stems” are 100% royalty free. Once purchased you can use all these sounds in your tracks and remixes, with no restrictions.

Big EDM Stems includes:

•EDM Kit 1 128bpm G – 26 samples
•EDM Kit 2 128bpm D# – 28 samples
•EDM Kit 3 128bpm G – 30 samples
•EDM Kit 4 128bpm F – 23 samples
•EDM Kit 5 128bpm G – 27 samples
•EDM Kit 6 128bpm F – 23 samples
•EDM Kit 7 128bpm F – 21 samples
•EDM Kit 8 128bpm F – 23 samples
•EDM Kit 9 128bpm D – 27 samples
•EDM Kit 10 128bpm F – 26 samples

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