Cymatics Trap melodies + bonus 808 pack Wav Midi

Audioz | 17 Nov 2021 | 913.47 MB

黑色星期五特别优惠:新的 Trap 旋律 + 808 包奖励

受到 Kodak Black、Future 和 Lil Durk 等艺术家的启发 – Hazard trap 旋律套件充满了基于合成器的黑暗陷阱旋律循环,包括每个的词干和 midi。

-20 个样本
-100% 免版税
-总大小:1.21 GB+

Toxic Trap Melodies 为您带来更多基于拉丁陷阱的 Trap 旋律循环,并具有许多以现场吉他和其他乐器为特色的旋律。

-20 个样本
-100% 免版税
-总大小:974.1 MB

致命 808 样本
您不需要做太多工作就可以让 808 的声音通过混音。
我们设计了这个包中的每一个 808 来处理任何风格的节拍,从干净和清脆到肮脏和失真,有一点点的一切都具有极高的质量。
使用 Lethal 808s,您将拥有创建任何您想要的任何类型曲目所需的唯一一组 808。

致命 808 样品规格:
-21 个样本
-100% 免版税
-总大小:9.7 MB


Black Friday Special Offer: new Trap melodies + bonus 808 pack

Hazard Trap Melodies

Inspired by artists like Kodak Black, Future & Lil Durk – Hazard trap melody kit is full of synth-based dark trap melody loops, including stems and midi for each.
If you’re into weird and unique sounds, progressions, and interesting arrangements throughout a melody loop, this is the pack you’ve been looking for.
And with audio processing techniques like pitching, reversing, and chopping, you can really create dozens of different tracks, from one loop alone.

Hazard Trap Melodies specs:
-20 Samples
-100% royalty free
-Total size: 1.21 GB+

Toxic Trap Melodies

Toxic Trap Melodies brings you Trap melody loops more based on latin trap and features many melodies featuring live guitars and other instruments.
Many of the loops include multiple sections with some chopped and reworked to give multiple different vibes for building beats.

Toxic Trap Melodies specs:
-20 Samples
-100% royalty free
-Total size: 974.1 MB

Lethal 808 Samples

You shouldn’t have to do much work to make your 808’s punch through the mix.
We designed every 808 in this pack to work with any style of beat, from clean and crisp to dirty and distorted, there is a little bit of everything in extremely high quality.
With Lethal 808s you will have the only set of 808’s you’d ever need to create any type of track you want.

Lethal 808 Samples specs:
-21 Samples
-100% royalty free
-Total size: 9.7 MB

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