Sweatson Klank Signal Paths WAV-UHUB

UHUB | WAV | 810 MB

在他广受好评的“明信片”全长之后,Sweatson Klank 放下了大量的免版税环境好东西样品包。 Signal Paths,包含近 1 Gig 的声音、循环和现场录音。 面向 Ambient、Lo Fi 和 Cinematic Music,该包是使用他收藏的各种模拟和数字合成器创建的。 大量缓慢发展的歌曲为您的工具箱提供开场曲、琶音模式、纹理和温暖的旋律序列。 非常适合环境、Lo Fi、动漫、电影甚至创意社交媒体帖子。


Hot on the heels of his critically acclaimed “Postcards” full length, Sweatson Klank drops a massive sample pack of royalty free ambient goodies. Signal Paths, contains nearly 1 Gig of sounds, loops and field recordings. Geared towards Ambient, Lo Fi, & Cinematic Music, the pack was created using a vast variety of synths, both analog and digital from his collection. Tons of slow developing songs bed starters, arpeggiated patterns, textures and warm melodic sequences for your toolbox. Perfect for Ambient, Lo Fi, Anime, Films and even creative social media posts.

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