Soundiron Quadral WAV-FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 29 July 2022 | 547.71 MB

Quadral 是一组鼓舞人心的合成器垫。 使用我们的 16 类手工制作的氛围,为您的下一个最喜欢的电子乐谱进行审计。 这个包包括声音设计的风琴、独特的氛围和不断变化的纹理。 每一种声音都经过精心雕琢,让您将层层编织成令人惊叹的新音色,开启穿越时空的星际之旅。 Quadral 是一个强大的合成集合,非常适合需要快速工作流程同时保持创意火花的电影和游戏作曲家。 祝你好运……我们都指望你。


Quadral is a pack of inspiring synth pads. Audiate your way to your next favorite electronic score using our 16 categories of hand-crafted atmospheres. This pack includes sound-designed organs, unique ambiences, and evolving textures. Each sound has been sculpted with care, allowing you to weave layers together into sensational new timbres for an interstellar journey through space and time. Quadral is a powerful collection of synthesis, ideal for film and game composers who need a fast workflow while maintaining their creative spark. Good luck… We’re all counting on you.

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