Renraku Yokaze Metamodern WAV-FLARE

Team FLARE | 07 June 2021 | 824 MB

结合了恶毒的贝斯、巨大的鼓和引人入胜的合成纹理,Yokaze 的名字几乎不需要任何介绍。 凭借众多备受瞩目的合作,以及为一些业内最大的 DJ(甚至让他接受 Mixmag 采访)从事幽灵制作的辉煌职业生涯,Yokaze 在较重的电子音乐领域代表了一种勇敢的新模式。

METAMODERN 就是这样,一系列高保真、高功率、尖端的单拍和循环,旨在超越当今制作的电子音乐的当前现代标准。”


x280 循环
x528 一杆


Combining vicious basses, massive drums, and riveting synthetic textures, Yokaze’s name hardly needs any introduction. With numerous high profile collaborations under his belt, and an illustrious career in ghost production for some of the industry’s biggest DJs (that even landed him a Mixmag interview), Yokaze represents a brave new modality in the heavier realms of electronic music.

METAMODERN is just that, a selection of high fidelity, high powered, cutting-edge one-shots and loops, designed to rise above the current modern standards of electronic music being made today.”

Download Includes:

x280 Loops
x528 One Shots

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