Renraku Lo fi Hip Hop WAV-FLARE

Team FLARE | 07 June 2021 | 612 MB

拥有郁郁葱葱的律动、模糊的低音线和缓慢的磁带加热鼓,DET 再次展示了他捕捉任何时代声音本质的不可思议的能力,这次将重点放在怀旧排行榜上的静态填充节拍磁带上,这些节拍磁带取代了 Spotify 和 YouTube。

受到 J Dilla、[Bsd.u]、e e ve e 和 SwuM 等伟大嘻哈节拍制作者的启发,DET 精心制作的样本为您提供了创建自己慵懒午后氛围并与世界分享的工具。


x275 循环
x134 一杆


Featuring lush grooves, fuzzy bass lines, and shuffling tape-warmed drums, DET once again demonstrates his uncanny ability to capture the essence of any era of sound, focusing this time on the nostalgic chart-topping static-filled beat tapes taking over Spotify and YouTube.

Inspired by the great hip hop beat makers like J Dilla, [Bsd.u], e e v e e, and SwuM, DET’s richly crafted samples give you the tools to create your own lazy afternoon vibes and share it with the world.

Download Includes:

x275 Loops
x134 One Shots

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