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使用 Loopmasters 的 Dub Encounters 包将丰富的音响系统文化历史引入您的作品。以 The Orb、Future Sound of London 和 Mouse On Mars 等有影响力的乐队的革命性声音为基础,这个深沉的合集包含了宽敞的合成器、光滑的鼓和沉重的压力。

使用包括 Roland Gaia、Arturia Microfreak 和 Roland Juno 在内的一系列经典硬件合成器创建,这些循环、one-shot 和采样器补丁为舞蹈提供了结构凹槽,混合了迷幻键、空间垫,包括主音和幻觉琶音。

Dub Encounters 参考了从牙买加根源到技术演变的全谱配音,无论您是在寻找幸福的时刻还是低音重量的时刻,都可以轻松建立充满个性的紧凑节奏。

具有 1.07GB 的声音和 70 到 142 BPM 之间的跨度,以高品质 2Bit 44,1 kHz 精心录制,Dub Encounters 的内容已由 Loopmasters 音响系统专家进行了适当的处理,同时为进一步的实验留出了足够的空间。

详细期望找到 1.07 GB 的 24 位 wav – 93 个合成器循环、82 个吉他循环、47 个鼓循环、45 个键循环、34 个合成贝司循环、14 个 Fx 循环、8 个 Intro Fx 循环、8 个垫循环、7 个打击乐循环、7纹理循环,4 个顶鼓循环,2 个贝斯吉他循环,1 个帽子循环,49 个鼓点,45 个 Fx,41 个合成器打击,33 个吉他和弦,19 个吉他打击,19 个 Percs,17 个键打击,11 个 Perc 滚动,8 个贝司打击、5 个鼓卷、1 个键 Multi 和 130 个用于 nnxt、exs24、kontakt 和 sfz 的软采样器补丁。


Introduce the rich history of soundsystem culture to your productions with the Dub Encounters pack from Loopmasters. Building on the revolutionary sounds of influential groups such as The Orb, Future Sound of London and Mouse On Mars, this deep collection is complete with spacious synths, slippery drums and serious pressure.

Created using a collection of classic hardware synths including the Roland Gaia, Arturia Microfreak and Roland Juno, these loops, one-shots and sampler patches provide structural grooves for the dance mixed with psychedelic keys, spacey pads, involving leads and trippy arpeggios.

Referencing the full spectrum of dub, from its Jamaican roots to its techno evolution, Dub Encounters makes it easy to build tight rhythms full of character, whether you’re seeking moments of bliss or bassweight.

Featuring 1.07GB of sound and spanning tempos between 70 and 142 BPM, recorded delicately and in high quality 2Bit 44,1 kHz, the contents of Dub Encounters have been suitably processed by Loopmasters sound system specialists, while leaving enough room for further experimentation.

In detail expect to find 1.07 GB of 24Bit wavs – 93 Synth Loops, 82 Guitar Loops, 47 Drum Loops, 45 Keys Loops, 34 Synth Bass Loops, 14 Fx Loops, 8 Intro Fx Loops, 8 Pad Loops, 7 Percussion Loops, 7 Texture Loops, 4 Top Drum Loops, 2 Bass Guitar Loops, 1 Hat Loop, 49 Drum Hits, 45 Fx, 41 Synth Hits, 33 Guitar Chords, 19 Guitar Hits, 19 Percs, 17 Keys Hits, 11 Perc Rolls, 8 Bass Hits, 5 Drum Rolls, 1 Key Multi and 130 Soft Sampler Patches for nnxt, exs24,kontakt and sfz.

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