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FANTASTiC | 18 June 2022 | 604 MB

我们知道情况如何。你不断地受到父母不赞成的目光,关于成长责任的讲座,对学校明显缺乏兴趣,你的妈妈总是烦你找一份“真正的”工作。您已经达到了 3 张信用卡的消费限额,可以购买完美的演播室监视器、一台高性能计算机和一些带有闪烁灯的小东西,当您打开它们时,它们会闪烁。


您需要创建前 10 名热门单曲,这样每个人都会认真对待您。您需要“Destination Top 10”。“Destination Top 10”是您制作最热门单曲的完美指南。它配备了所有万无一失的成分来设计一首体育场大小的国歌。巨大的鼓循环在最大的场地听起来令人难以置信。令人耳目一新的低音线将帮助您达到交叉状态,吸引人的挂钩将比世界上所有频闪灯的总和更亮。 “Destination Top 10”是您成为舞曲明星的途径。


We know how it is. You’re constantly getting disapproving glances from your parents, lectures about grown up responsibilities, a clear lack of interest in school, and your mom always bugging you about getting a “real” job. You’ve reached the spending limit on 3 credit cards to buy perfect studio monitors, a high powered computer and some bits and bobs with blinky lights that flash when you turn them on.

All these things warm your heart and soul, but seem to worry your parents (and friends, and clerks at music shops and your dentist) who all think you’re insane for your endless hardware purchases and countless hours spent in darkened rooms listening to repetitive sounds. You need to prove everybody wrong, and there’s one surefire way to do this.

You need to create a top 10 hit single so then everyone will take you seriously. You need ‘Destination Top 10.’ ‘Destination Top 10’ is your perfect guide towards crafting the biggest hit single imaginable. It comes complete with all the surefire ingredients to design a stadium sized anthem. Massive drum loops that will sound incredible in the biggest venues. Ear pleasing basslines that will help you reach crossover status, and catchy hooks that will shine brighter than all the strobe lights in the world combined. ‘Destination Top 10’ is your path to dance music stardom.

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