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来自 Ozone 和 Nectar 背后的思想,并由传奇的 Exponential Audio 技术提供支持,iZotope Neoverb 是音乐制作人最智能的混响插件。有效地为人声和乐器设计独特的房间、反射和空间,而不会混淆混音。使用新的混响助手快速进入一个鼓舞人心的起点,该助手通过简单的四次单击过程引导您完成设置。

使用直观的 Blend Pad 一次组合三种不同的混响,在几秒钟内混合 Halls、Plates 和 Rooms。使用智能的前置和后置均衡器来塑造和驯服混响尾音,这些均衡器可以聆听您的音频并提出建议。使用 iZotope Neoverb,您可以专注于创造力,摆脱反复试验。

来自 Ozone 和 Nectar 背后的思想,并由传奇的 Exponential Audio 技术提供支持,iZotope Neoverb 是音乐制作人最智能的混响插件。节省时间,抛开反复试验,在几秒钟内为人声和乐器设计独特的空间,而不会混淆混音。

新的实时混响助手会根据您的创作需求指导您选择和混合混响。 AI 驱动的 EQ 部分会聆听您的音频,并帮助您避免伪影、泥浆和掩蔽。探索深度高级面板和数十种人声和乐器预设,并添加您的个人风格。无论您是磨练技艺的新制作人,还是最新项目的老手,Neoverb 都将帮助您在更短的时间内获得出色的混响声音。

iZotope Neoverb 的创新 Blend Pad 和 Reverb Assistant 可帮助您将不同类型的混响混合到一个适合您音轨的独特空间中,从而让您更快更远。

Neoverb 由 Exponential Audio 著名的混响引擎提供支持。受经典工作室硬件的启发,Exponential Audio 混响因其高品质的算法和逼真的房间声音而备受喜爱。将一流的音质与 iZotope 直观的工作流程相结合,您可以使用混响插件来处理任何混音。

一次混合最多三种不同的混响,或让助手为您选择。自动化 DAW 中的混合垫,在您的混音中创造令人兴奋的动作!

Neoverb 的 AI 均衡器会聆听您的音频以提出建议。 Unmasking 技术可帮助您的混响在人群中脱颖而出,或融入混音。



From the minds behind Ozone and Nectar, and powered by legendary Exponential Audio technology, iZotope Neoverb is the smartest reverb plug-in for music producers. Efficiently design unique rooms, reflections, and spaces for vocals and instruments without muddying the mix,. Get to an inspiring starting point quickly with a new Reverb Assistant that guides you through settings with a simple four-click process.

Combine three different reverbs at once using an intuitive Blend Pad to mix Halls, Plates, and Rooms in seconds. Shape and tame reverb tails using intelligent Pre and Post EQs that listen to your audio and make suggestions. With iZotope Neoverb, you can focus on creativity and leave the trial-and-error behind.

From the minds behind Ozone and Nectar, and powered by legendary Exponential Audio technology, iZotope Neoverb is the most intelligent reverb plug-in for music producers. Save time and leave the trial and error behind and design unique spaces for vocals and instruments in seconds, without muddying the mix.

Introducing Neoverb
A new real-time Reverb Assistant guides you in selecting and blending reverbs according to your creative needs. An AI-powered EQ section listens to your audio and helps you avoid artifacts, mud, and masking. Explore a deep Advanced panel and dozens of presets for vocals and instruments, and add your personal touch. Whether you’re a new producer honing your a craft, or a veteran on your latest project, Neoverb will help you get to a great reverb sound in less time.

Find your reverb, fast
iZotope Neoverb’s innovative Blend Pad and Reverb Assistant get you further, faster by helping you mix different types of reverbs into one unique space that fits your track.

Made with Exponential Audio Tech
Neoverb is powered by Exponential Audio’s famous reverb engines. Inspired by classic studio hardware, Exponential Audio reverbs are beloved for their high quality algorithms and realistic room sounds. Combine best-in-class sound quality with iZotope’s intuitive workflow, and you have a reverb plug-in ready to tackle any mix.

Why Neoverb?
keyboard stroke editing interface
Design & Combine
Blend up to three different reverbs at once, or let the assistant choose them for you. Automate the blend pad in your DAW to create exciting movement in your mix!

Carve it Out
Neoverb’s AI-powered EQs listen to your audio to make suggestions. Unmasking technology helps your reverb stand out in the crowd, or blend into the mix.

Visualize Your Space
Explore dozens of presets and Advanced controls that let you add your own personal touch, no matter the genre.

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