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F9 Origins Beats Classic House Beats, Stems & Kits Logic Pro X

10th January 2022 | Logic Pro X | 3.9 GB

近 7Gb 的 House Beats!

您是否希望将传奇的 SP1200、909、707、727 808、MPC3000 和朋友的繁荣、嘎吱声、裂纹和力量注入您的当代作品?


这是 F9,所以我们完全过火了 – 24 个独立的把立组。 Round-robin 808 和 909 套件、加仑的循环和鼓点/菜单在一个百科全书和鼓舞人心的巨兽样本包中,解压后的大小为 6.9GB。为后疫情时代的制作世界定价尽可能低。
24 支杆组穿过早期的美国 808,909 和 707 主导节奏,经历了 90 年代初期 SP1200 年的紧缩,直到英国 Progressive House 复兴的开始。
茎集由多个部分组成,包括故障和构建。 Logic 和 Ableton 用户会发现以 DAW 项目文件形式提供的 stem。仔细的速度标签和混合音频演示使得选择一个项目并将 WAV 版本的词干添加到任何其他 DAW 中变得同步。

使用 F9 闻名的 A 级录音室硬件进行了广泛处理,这些茎不仅捕捉了房子的宁静日子的声音,而且将声音的厚度和定义成为本世纪的焦点。还包括一系列优秀的当代俱乐部踢球,以帮助您两全其美。

所有的鼓都经过专业的一次性编辑,500 多个命中和 FX 可作为基于 Logic 采样器的通道条、Ableton 菜单架、Ableton 鼓架以及额外的 Kontakt 5.8+ 乐器 + Akai MPC V2 声音菜单程序提供。

808 和 909 鼓机建立在模拟电路之上。长期以来,我们一直认为捕捉机器完整灵魂的最佳方式是通过循环采样,我们为您提供了 9 种循环采样,以满足您的生产乐趣。一些套件甚至通过老式 Oberheim 8 位 Prommer 的电路以获得终极 lofi 边缘 – 适用于 Logic、Ableton* 和 Kontakt 5.8 及更高版本。完美生产和加工的 707 和 727 套件完美地环绕了该区域。



Roland TR 909、TR 808、Tr 707 与 HKA Mod(添加 727、Linn、Drumulator 和采样 808 和 909)、SP1200、EMU Emax 1、AKAI MPC 3000、Akai MPC 2000XL、AKAI S3200XL。 AKAI S6000、Korg M1、Korg Wavestation、Juno 106、Prophet 5 Rev 4、Minimoog Model D(重新发行)。

舷外机 + 效果器:

Yamaha SPX 1000、SPX 990、Alesis Quadraverb、Lexicon 300、Neve 1081、Neve 33112、GML 8900、GML 8200、API 512、API 526、SSL XRack(多个模块)、SSL Fusion、Overstayer 模块化通道、自制 SSL 克隆压缩器。 Oberheim Prommer,60 年代电子管磁带机前置放大器,Teac 144 Portastudio,

这是一个基于鼓和 fx 的版本 – 其他旋律部分已添加到第一个三个音频演示中,用于演示目的。这些声音大部分来自 F9 Origins: Keys and Synths。


Logic Pro X 10.2.2 或更高版本(完全兼容 10.6.X、Big Sur、M1 / Apple Silicon)
Ableton Live(标准或套件)9.5 及以上版本,包括 Live 10 和 11 *
WAV 版本适用于任何 DAW
Kontakt 5.8.1 或更高版本的完整版本**
MPC 硬件/软件 V2
提供所有格式的 Kontakt 和 MPC 部分


Nearly 7Gb of House Beats!

Are you looking to inject the boom, crunch, crack, and power of the legendary SP1200, 909, 707, 727 808, MPC3000, and friends into your contemporary productions?

This exceptional retro-edged pack was designed to bring home the sound and mojo of these beyond-classic machines ( and more ) alongside the programming and feel of classic house music.

This is F9 so we went totally overboard – 24 Separate stem sets. Round-robin 808 and 909 kits, gallons of loops, and drum hits/menus in an encyclopedic and inspiring behemoth of a sample pack topping out at 6.9GB unzipped. Priced as low as we can go for the post-covid production world.
The 24 stem sets travel through the early US 808,909 and 707 led rhythms, through the crunch of the early 90s SP1200 years, right up to the start of the UK’s Progressive House renaissance.
The stems sets are built with multiple sections including breakdowns and builds. Logic and Ableton users will find the stems delivered as DAW project files. Careful tempo labeling and mixed audio demos make it a synch to pick a project and add the WAV edition stems to any other DAW.

Processed extensively with the A-grade studio hardware F9 is famous for, the stems not only capture the sonics of house’s halcyon days but bring that thickness and definition of sound into focus for this century. A collection of excellent contemporary club kicks is also included to help you get the best of both worlds.

All the drums were expertly edited into one-shots and the 500+ hits and FX are available as Logic sampler-based channel strips, Ableton menu racks, Ableton drum racks plus additional Kontakt 5.8+ instruments + Akai MPC V2 sound menu programs.

The 808 and 909 drum machines are built on analog circuitry. For a long time, we’ve been of the opinion that the very best way to capture the full soul of the machines is via round-robin sampling and here we’ve supplied 9 round-robin kits for your production pleasure. some kits even passing through the circuits of a vintage Oberheim 8 Bit Prommer for the ultimate lofi edge – Available for Logic, Ableton* and Kontakt 5.8 and higher. Perfectly produced and processed 707 and 727 kits round this area out beautifully.

Hardware equipment used in the creation of this pack:

Sound sources :

Roland TR 909, TR 808, Tr 707 with HKA Mod ( adding 727, Linn, Drumulator and sampled 808 and 909 ), SP1200, EMU Emax 1, AKAI MPC 3000, Akai MPC 2000XL, AKAI S3200XL. AKAI S6000, Korg M1, Korg Wavestation, Juno 106, Prophet 5 Rev 4, Minimoog Model D ( re-issue ).

Outboard + Effects:

Yamaha SPX 1000, SPX 990, Alesis Quadraverb, Lexicon 300, Neve 1081, Neve 33112, GML 8900, GML 8200, API 512, API 526, SSL XRack ( multiple modules ), SSL Fusion, Overstayer Modular Channel, Homemade SSL Clone compressor. Oberheim Prommer, 60’s valve tape machine Preamp, Teac 144 Portastudio,

This is a drum and fx-based release – Other melodic parts have been added to the 1st three audio demos for demonstration purposes. Most of these sounds are from F9 Origins: Keys and Synths.

System requirements

Logic Pro X 10.2.2 or Later ( fully compatible with 10.6.X, Big Sur, M1 / Apple Silicon )
Ableton Live ( Standard or Suite ) 9.5 onwards including Live 10 and 11 *
WAV version will work with any DAW
A full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher **
MPC Hardware / Software V2
Kontakt & MPC sections available in ALL formats

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