Beat Butcha – Filth Vol. 4 – Drum Kit

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Beat Butcha 携史上最受期待的架子鼓系列的另一部作品回归:Filth Vol。 4 – 顾名思义,对于我们这些喜欢硬嘻哈风味的人来说,这个套件充满了最肮脏的肮脏善良,这个套件是硬鼓循环、percs、声音和音乐印章的一站式商店,组成和 由 Beat Butcha 设计,供你们在制作中使用。

Butcha 因与 Griselda、The Carters、Partynextdoor、Danny Brown、Mac Miller、G-Unit、Mobb Deep、Prodigy、Sean Price、Lloyd Banks、Curren$y 和 Mr. Probz 的合作而闻名。 但更重要的是,Butcha 以拥有业内最出色的鼓而闻名。


447 音乐节拍和循环
34 嗨帽子
25 踢
78 圈套
53 个帽子和 Percs 环


Beat Butcha is back with another installment in the most anticipated Drum Kit Series of All Time: Filth Vol. 4 – True to it’s name the kit is full of strictly the grimeyest morsels of dirty goodness for those of us that love those hard hip hop flavors, This Kit is a one stop shop of hard drum loops, percs, sounds and musical chops composed and designed by Beat Butcha for you guys to use in your productions.

Butcha is known for his work with Griselda, The Carters, Partynextdoor, Danny Brown, Mac Miller, G-Unit, Mobb Deep, Prodigy, Sean Price, Lloyd Banks, Curren$y, & Mr. Probz to name a few. But more importantly Butcha is known for having some of the dopest drums in the industry.’


317 Breaks/Drum Loops
447 Musical Chops and Loops
34 Hi Hats
25 Kicks
78 Snares
53 Hat & Percs Loops

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