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如果您正在寻找快速修复的“如何制作”课程,请不要再犹豫了,因为我们欢迎 Jerome Isma-Ae 回到大众需求,了解如何在 Logic Pro 中从头开始制作他的新曲目 Baharat。

使用样本、录音和简单的合成器声音设计 Jerome 构建和处理每个元素,将它们完美地组合在一起,打造出令人敬畏的东方和渐进风格的曲目。杰罗姆以他的朋友专业演奏的优美的“萨兹”乐器为特色,巧妙地将最初的氛围转变为琶音、低音膨胀、和弦和不断变化的节拍。



The How To Make Baharat Remix Contest 是独家的,在 Sonic Academy 举办,您有机会赢得一些很酷的奖品,并最终在 Jerome 本人拥有的全球领先电子音乐唱片公司 Jee Production Records 上发行。




If you’re looking for a quick-fix ‘How To Make’ course, look no further as we welcome back Jerome Isma-Ae by popular demand to run through how to make his new track Baharat from scratch in Logic Pro.

Using samples, recordings and straightforward synth sound design Jerome builds and processes each element, fitting it all together perfectly for an awesome oriental and progressive style track. Featuring the beautiful ‘Saz’ instrument professionally performed by his friend, Jerome cleverly morphs the initial vibe into arps, bass swells, chords and an evolving beat.

Coming in at just over an hour, this may be a relatively quick course compared to some others on our site, but no stone is left unturned, and it certainly doesn’t lack with standout hooks and a bad ass groove!

That’s not all!!

The How To Make Baharat Remix Contest is exclusive, here on Sonic Academy and you could be in with a chance of winning some cool prizes and ultimately getting a release on Jee Production Records, the global leading electronic music record label owned by Jerome himself.

To enter click on the “REMIX COMPETITION’ button above!

Good Luck!

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