Sonic Academy How To Make Melodic Techno with Gai Barone TUTORiAL

P2P | 28 November 2021 | 4.65 GB

Sonic Academy 本周自豪地欢迎全新导师 Gai Barone 参加新的“如何制作”课程,这位意大利 DJ 和制作人已在 Guy J 的失物招领处发布并出现在一些世界上最大的印记中,包括 Coldharbour、Hope Recordings、Perfecto 和 Armada 在 Ableton Live 中从头开始重新创作了他的史诗 Melodic Techno 曲目“手提箱”。

从会话视图开始,Gai 巧妙地构建了曲目所需的元素,包括分层底鼓、打击乐贝司、采样鼓点、主音、气氛和有问题的人声,然后深入到安排中,在那里他仔细使用自动化来帮助曲目移动并演变成令人惊叹的 技术音景。




Sonic Academy proudly welcomes brand new tutor Gai Barone this week for a new ‘How To Make’ course where the Italian DJ and producer, who’s been released on Guy J’s Lost and Found and appeared on some of the world’s biggest imprints, including Coldharbour, Hope Recordings, Perfecto, and Armada, recreates his epic Melodic Techno track ‘Suitcase‘ from scratch in Ableton Live.

Starting in session view Gai skilfully builds the elements needed for the track including layered kicks, percussive bass, sampled drum hits, leads, atmospheres and glitched vocals before diving into the arrangement where he carefully uses automation to help the track’s movement and evolve into a stunning techno soundscape.

Packed full of tips, tricks and techniques from a true pro, this is a must-watch for any of you looking to create your own tracks in this genre.

Go check it out!

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