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UNO Synth Pro是IK Multimedia的一款独特的模拟副声频。在这22个教程课程中,由培训师和声音设计师Rishabh Rajan掌握这个凉爽和独特的乐器的每一个功能!

UNO Synth Pro具有双滤波器、三振荡器副音设计,是音乐家、合成器和音乐制作人的强大模拟工具。尽管它的小和便携式尺寸,这个合成器提供巨大的模拟声音…这一切都不会让你倾家荡产。如果你已经拥有UNO Synth Pro,或者如果你有兴趣得到一个,这个课程由Rishabh Rajan是一个必须查看。

Rishabh开始与硬件概述的课程,探索其所有的各种控制和功能。在解释了如何使用工厂预设以及如何保存您自己的预设之后,您将深入研究合成。这是你发现UNO Synth Pro的声音设计可能性的地方。从振荡器部分开始,Rishabh看了仪器的心脏和灵魂,并揭示了如何获得狂野的声音与硬同步和环调制。他继续观察了双滤波器部分提供的强大选项,信封,LFOs和调制矩阵。他揭示了什么是准声频合成器,他探索了声音模式。继续与课程,您还学习关于数字效果,arp,音序器,歌曲模式和更多的一切…

是时候学习UNO Synth inside Out了!发现UNO Synth Pro与此课程由专家教练Rishabh Rajan无限的声音可能性!

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UNO Synth Pro is a unique analog paraphonic from IK Multimedia. Master every feature of this cool and unique instrument in this 22-tutorial course, by trainer and sound designer Rishabh Rajan!

With its dual-filter, 3-oscillator paraphonic design, UNO Synth Pro is a powerful analog instrument for musicians, synthesists, and music producers. Despite its small and portable size, this synth provides HUGE analog sound… All that without breaking the bank. If you already own the UNO Synth Pro, or if you’re interested in getting one, this course by Rishabh Rajan is a must view.

Rishabh starts the course with an overview of the hardware, exploring all its various controls and functions. After explaining how to work with the factory presets and how to save your own, you dive deep into synthesis. This is where you discover the sound design possibilities of UNO Synth Pro. Starting with the Oscillator section, Rishabh looks at the heart and soul of the instrument, and reveals how to get wild sounds with hard sync and ring modulation. He continues by looking at the powerful options offered by the dual-filter section, the envelopes, LFOs, and the modulation matrix. He reveals what exactly is a paraphonic sytnthesizer and he explores the voice modes. Continuing with the course, you also learn everything about the digital effects, the arp, the sequencer, song mode and a lot more…

It’s time to learn UNO Synth inside Out! Discover the infinite sonic possibilities of UNO Synth Pro with this course by expert trainer Rishabh Rajan!

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