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AKAI的MPC独立音乐制作中心,如MPC Live II, MPC One和MPC X是完美的任何音乐制作任务。看到他们在行动,并学习掌握他们的特点在这个过程中,与音乐制作人和著名的MPC专家布克·爱德华兹。

自80年代MPC60发布以来,Akai MPC一直是音乐制作的行业标准。凭借其采样和MIDI测序功能以及标志性的16盘设计,这种革命性的仪器在各种类型的许多热门唱片的创作中发挥了重要作用。这个实践课程的重点是MPC仪器的当前线的独立工作流,如MPC Live II, MPC One和MPC X。

Booker首先概述了MPC One, MPC Live II和MPC X硬件单元。在这里,您可以了解每个设备的控制、pad、按钮和连接。然后你的老师会进入主模式,在那里你将花大部分时间制作。在了解了与Splice同步并安装MPC扩展包之后,您将了解如何使用MPC的内部插件。你会发现测序和记录是如何工作的。您还学习连接和控制外部齿轮,如何使用FX,如何使用USB连接扩展I/O,如何连接到DAW等…

是时候和你的AKAI MPC做节拍了。加入布克爱德华兹在这个深入的课程,把你的MPC拍技巧到另一个水平…不需要电脑!

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Team DECiBEL | 22 Oct 2022 | 3.12GB

AKAI’s MPC standalone music production centers like the MPC Live II, the MPC One and the MPC X are perfect for any music production task. See them in action, and learn to master their features in this course, with music producer and renowned MPC expert Booker Edwards.

The Akai MPC has been an industry standard in music production ever since the release of the MPC60 in the ’80s. With its sampling and MIDI sequencing features and its iconic 16-pad design, this revolutionary instrument has played a major role in the creation of many hit records in every genre. This hands-on course focuses on the standalone workflow of the current line of MPC instruments, such as the MPC Live II, the MPC One and the MPC X.

Booker starts with an overview of the MPC One, MPC Live II and MPC X hardware units. This is where you learn about the controls, pads, buttons and connectivity of each device. Your teacher then dives into Main Mode, where you will spend most of your time when producing. After looking at synchronizing with Splice and installing MPC Expansion Packs, you learn how to use the internal plugins of your MPC. You discover how sequencing and recording work. You also learn to connect and control external gear, how to use FX, how to expand the I/O using USB connectivity, how to connect to a DAW and more…

It’s time to make beats with your AKAI MPC. Join Booker Edwards in this in-depth course and take your MPC beat-making skills to another level… no computer required!

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