Algoriddim djay Pro AI 3.0.4 macOS

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djay Pro全新的全新界面基于与音乐库的精细集成,可让您立即访问数百万首曲目。原始的音质和强大的功能集,包括现场制作工具,四个卡座,高清波形,视频混合和硬件集成,为您提供了无限的创作灵活性,可以重塑DJ装置。

欢迎使用djay Pro AI! Algoriddim广受赞誉的DJ软件和多个Apple Design Awards的获得者已使用突破性的AI技术NEURAL MIX™从头开始重建。

NEURAL MIX™允许您实时隔离您喜欢的曲目的乐器和acappellas,并重新定义创意混音的边界。您可以分别淡入淡出两首歌曲的鼓,低音线和旋律,将音频效果应用于音乐的各个组成部分,甚至在继续播放同一曲目的旋律的同时循环播放节拍。


macOS 10.14或更高版本的64位

djay Pro’s all-new, modern interface is built around a sophisticated integration with your music library, giving you instant access to millions of tracks. Pristine sound quality and a powerful set of features including live production tools, four decks, high-definition waveforms, video mixing and hardware integration give you endless creative flexibility to reinvent your DJ sets.

Welcome to djay Pro AI! Algoriddim’s acclaimed DJ software and winner of multiple Apple Design Awards has been rebuilt from the ground up using groundbreaking AI technology – NEURAL MIX™.

NEURAL MIX™ allows you to isolate instrumentals and acappellas of your favorite tracks in real-time and redefines the boundaries of creative mixing. You can crossfade drums, bass lines, and melodies of two songs independently, apply audio effects to individual components of music, and even loop the beat while the melody of the same track continues playing.

In-App Purchases: Full Version – included

Supported Operation Systems:
macOS 10.14 or later 64-bit

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