如何在水果制作Slap House电音教程 – Music Production Masterclass: Write Songs In FL Studio 20

Last Updated 05/2022

MP4 |视频:h264、1280×720 |音频:AAC,44.1 KHz,2 通道
类型:电子学习 |语言:英语 + srt |时长:133 节课(12 小时)|大小:8 GB

学习音乐制作、制作和弦、混合人声、创建完整的 Slap House 歌曲血清替代品:Vital Synthesizer

了解如何舒适地设置和浏览所有版本的 FL Studio
在 FL Studio 中快速高效地工作
与 Vital 一起工作:血清 VST 的免费替代品

可工作的个人电脑、笔记本电脑、iMac 或 MacBook
任何版本的 FL Studio


您将学习掌握 FL Studio 所需的一切,包括用人声创作歌曲、使用 Vital VST、混音和母带制作。


在 Logic Pro X 和 Ableton Live 上使用这些知识

使用 Vital 编写旋律

最后,在 FL Studio 中使用先进的技术,让您的音乐响亮而干净

您所需要的只是一个工作对或耳机(或耳机),以及一台装有 FL Studio 副本的计算机。请记住,这一切都是为了完成您的第一首歌,练习混音并享受这个过程。


我的名字是约瑟夫 – 我是一名音乐制作人、钢琴家和工程专业的学生。 2018年我发现了FL studio,厌倦了每天只弹钢琴,免费为其他歌手制作歌曲,整理他们的人声,帮助他们度过创作新歌的难关。我在 2016 年使用随机的 Youtube 教程自学了如何靠耳朵演奏和作曲。从那时起,我在音乐学校教了很多学生,如何将他们的爱好从简单地演奏随机乐器转变为在任何计算机软件上制作音乐。

我们的 Discord 社区


想要加深知识的新老 FL Studio 用户


MP4 | Video: h264, 1280×720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 133 lectures (12h) | Size: 8 GB

Learn Music Production, Make Chords, Mix Vocals, Create A Full Slap House Song Serum Alternative: Vital Synthesizer

What you’ll learn
Learn how to setup and navigate around all versions of FL Studio comfortably
Work Quickly and efficiently in FL Studio
Learn how to build your own track from nothing
Understand mixing and mastering to help you make your songs sound professional
Work with Vital: The Free Alternative of Serum VST
Make multiple tracks from start to finish
Song Writing + Chord Progressions
Music Theory Essentials

A Working Pc, laptop, iMac or MacBook
Any version of FL Studio

This class is for anyone who’d like to produce music.

You’ll learn everything you need to master FL Studio, including writing songs with vocals, using Vital VST, mixing and mastering.

You’ll also learn how to

Use this knowledge on Logic Pro X and Ableton Live

Writing melodies using Vital

And finally, use advanced techniques in FL Studio, to make your music loud and clean

All you need is a working pair or headphones (or earphones), and a computer with a copy of FL Studio. Remember, it’s all about getting your first song done, practice mixing, and enjoy the process.

Who am I?

My name is Joseph – I’m a music producer, pianist, and engineering student. I discovered FL studio in 2018, after I was bored of only playing the piano everyday, making songs for free for other singers, arranging their vocals, and helping them get through the difficulty of creating new songs. I taught myself how to play by ear and compose in in 2016 using random Youtube tutorials. Since then, I taught lots of students in music schools, how to turn their hobby from simply playing a random instrument, to producing music on any computer software.

Our Discord Community

I recently created a discord server. I will personally answer all questions related to music production, giving feedback, and collaborating with other people that are on your same level as you. If you finished this class and want to know more, check it out.

Who this course is for
Those who might be completely new to music
People with little to no music production skills who whish to improve
Experienced music producers who want to learn electric music
New and experienced FL Studio users that wants to deepen their knowledge
Those interested in remixing songs, creating their own melodies, or being better at music production
You want to learn how to create a hit track from a small idea, like your favorite artists

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