Black Octopus Sound Basement Freaks Presents Archipelago WAV-DECiBEL

Team DECiBEL | 10 May 2022 | 830.7MB

Archipelago 是一个冒险系列,适合任何希望将地中海的兴奋和风味添加到他们的声音中的制作人。捕捉温暖岛屿日子的精髓并将其置于您的指尖,拥有一系列令人惊叹的手工乐器,包括琵琶、原声和电吉他、拟音录音、Melodica 和各种地中海打击乐器。包括来自深情琵琶的声音,仅在希腊克里特岛的地下室怪胎故乡发现。

总共 1GB 的 212 个 Loops 和 94 个 One-Shots,这些声音非常适合在乐曲中添加节奏,甚至是一些更重的有机贝司(查看演示曲目的后半部分以获得一些灵感!)每个旋律和打击乐循环已为适应各种现代流派而创作,并使用先进的模拟设备录制,同时仍保持使它们如此独特且易于跳舞的文化精髓。

此包中的原声乐器是使用 AKG 314 和 OCTAVA MK 012 录制的。Fender Jazzmaster 通过 AC15 Vox 放大器录制并使用 E 906 Sennheizer 和 SM 57 进行跟踪。打击乐器使用 R102 有源色带录制,以及一些 AKG 314 采用 X/Y 配置。最终输出通过 SPL 9844 前置放大器、4 个 AXR 混合麦克风前置放大器和 Rupert Neve Designs SILK 仿真的组合,最后是用于 Compression 和 Klark Teknik EQP 的 Warm Audio WA-76 限制器 – KT 用于在跟踪时进行均衡。

样本范围从 70 到 166 BPM,您一定会找到适合所有技能水平的大量灵感来源。无论您是想匹配循环以轻松编排已经很专业的音乐作品,将它们用作歌曲的开场白,还是随心所欲地处理它们以在复杂的现代制作中发挥作用。每个样本 Key 和 Tempo 都标有标签,您可以轻松地将它们直接放入项目中,随时准备好安排,展示这些样本的多功能性。

用这些真实的打击乐器吸收地中海令人惊叹的声音,你几乎可以闻到木头的味道! Basement Freaks 的 Archipelago 现在在 Black Octopus Sound 上播出。

291 总样本
10 个贝司吉他循环
10 个鼓循环
12 个电吉他循环
8 个完整的混音循环
15 FX 一次拍摄
17 仪器一击
46 个琵琶和原声吉他循环
21 个音乐循环
90 个打击乐循环


Archipelago is an adventurous collection for any producer looking to add the excitement and flavor of the Mediterranean to their sound. Capturing the essence of balmy island days and placing it at your fingertips, with a stunning collection of hand-played instruments including a Lute, Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Foley recordings, Melodica, and a variety of Mediterranean percussive instruments. Including sounds from a soulful Lute, found exclusively in Basement Freaks homeland, Crete Greece.

With a total 1GB of 212 Loops & 94 One-Shots, these sounds are perfect for adding rhythm into a composition and even some heavier, organic bass (check out the second half of the demo track for some inspiration!) Each melodic and percussive loop has been composed to suit a variety of modern genres and recorded with advanced & analog gear, whilst still maintaining the cultural essence that makes them so distinct and easy to dance to.

The acoustic instruments found in this pack were recorded with an AKG 314 & OCTAVA MK 012. The Fender Jazzmaster recorded through an AC15 Vox amp and tracked with a E 906 Sennheizer & a SM 57. With the Percussion recorded with an R102 Active Ribbon, and some AKG 314’s on a X/Y configuration. The final output went through a combination of SPL 9844 pre – amps, 4 AXR hybrid microphone preamps with Rupert Neve Designs SILK emulation and finally Warm Audio WA-76 limiters for Compression & Klark Teknik EQPs – KT for equalizing while tracking.

The samples range from 70 to 166 BPM and you’ll be sure to find a vast source of inspiration that are suitable for all levels of skill. Whether you want to match the loops to easily arrange an already professional sounding piece of music, use them as song starters, or process them as you please to play a part in a complex modern production. Each sample Key and Tempo labeled, you can easily drop them straight into a project ready to arrange as you please, showing just how versatile these samples can be.

Soak up the stunning sounds of the Mediterranean with these percussive instruments that are so authentic you can almost smell the wood! Archipelago by Basement Freaks out now on Black Octopus Sound.

291 Total Samples
10 Bass Guitar Loops
10 Drum Loops
12 Electric Guitar Loops
8 Full Mix Loops
15 FX One Shots
17 Instrument One Shots
46 Lute & Acoustic Guitar Loops
21 Music Loops
90 Percussion Loops
62 Drum & Percussion One Shots

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