Zenhiser Why So Dirty! WAV-FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 25 May 2022 | 2.94 GB

如果你喜欢你的 Trap 听起来很讨厌,那就不要再看了。 Why So Dirty 是一个巨大的样本阵列,以沉浸式的力量和驱动力在 Trap 领域爆炸。潜伏在阴影中,这个不可错过的词根粗糙版本将把你的旋律和水滴变成令人发指的混合物。

该包包含构建历史曲目所需的一切,包括打击基线、城市节拍、独特的和弦、巨大的铜管乐器、复杂的旋律、巨大的下降、侵略性的人声和外部世界的效果。即使 Trap 的茎被弄乱成史诗般的比例,您也会发现整个包装就像一个按钮一样整洁。 Zenhiser 风格渗透到这个包的每个角落,确保了近 8GB 可用茎的大量集合。完整的混音展示了武器的所有荣耀,而一切都可以在它的单独部分中找到,以进行声音表达。

20 种旋律和 Drops – 232 个词干,包括贝斯线、合成器、和弦、fx、填充、构建、vox 和完整混音

•文件 – 音频:232
•信息 – 键:是
•信息 – Bpm:100 – 165bpm


If you like your Trap sounds nasty then look no further. Why So Dirty is a monstrous sample array exploding through Trap territories with immerse power and drive. Lurking in the shadows this gnarly edition of unmissable stems will transform your melodies & drops into outrageous concoctions.

Featuring everything you need to construct historic tracks, this pack includes pounding baselines, urban beats, unique chords, gigantuan brass, complexing melodies, immense drops, aggressive vocals and outer worldly fx. Even though the Trap stems are messed up to epic proportions you’ll find the entire pack as tidy as a button. Zenhiser flair oozes throughout every corner of this pack ensuring a hefty collection of nearly 8GB usable stems. Full mixes showcase the weaponry in all it’s glory whilst everything can be found in it’s individual part for sonic expression.

20 Melodies & Drops – 232 stems including basslines, synth, chords, fx, fills, build ups, vox and full mixes

•Files – Audio: 232
•Info – Key: Yes
•Info – Bpm: 100 – 165bpm

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