Zenhiser Deep House Groovers WAV-FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 12 September 2022 | 870 MB

所以你即将开始你的下一首曲目,你知道你想跟随 Deep House 的声音,你的大脑一片空白。你已经花了几个小时玩合成器声音,试图让你的基线变得深沉和崇高,但它并没有削减它,这就是 Zenhiser 用“Deep House Groovers”来拯救它的地方。塞满了近 450 个样本和循环,其设计在肮脏、性感和彻头彻尾的深鼓节拍、贝斯线和和弦循环中达到顶峰,这是 Deep House 制作人在需要救援时的首选样本包。我们正在为您的曲目提供听起来高端的挂钩,它们是特定类型的,嘿,它们就像你能得到的一样 Deep House!

与所有 Zenhiser 样品包一样,我们已经标记并列出了样品以方便使用和加快速度。 BPM 和关键信息在所有适用的文件名中,所有内容都按照您的需要进行文件夹整理,因此您可以在几秒钟内添加一个令人讨厌的基线,拉起一个重复的鼓点,并为您的曲目添加故障和细微的变化起伏加上完美契合的和弦循环。


•Deep House Drum Beats – 246
•Deep House FX – 20
•Deep House Grooves (Bass, Chord & Groove) – 180

与我们所说的所有 Zenhiser 示例包一样,只听预览,它会说话!


So you’re about to start your next track, you know you want to follow the Deep House sound and your mind’s drawing a blank. You’ve spent hours playing with synth sounds, trying to get your baseline deep and sublime but it’s not cutting it, well that’s where Zenhiser comes to the rescue with ‘Deep House Groovers’. Crammed full of nearly 450 samples & loops designed with the pinnacle in dirty, sexy and downright deep drum beats, basslines and chord loops, this is the go to sample pack for Deep House producers when in need of rescue. We’re supplying hooks for your tracks that sound top end, they are genre specific, hey they’re as Deep House as you can get!

As with all Zenhiser sample packs we’ve labelled and set out the samples for ease of use and speed. BPM and key information is in all applicable file names, everything is folder’d up just how you need it so you can add a deep nasty baseline in seconds, pull up a drum beat that repeats with breakdowns and subtle changes for your tracks up’s and downs plus chord loops that just fit perfectly.

So what’s in the pack? Well check these specs out:

•Deep House Drum Beats – 246
•Deep House FX – 20
•Deep House Grooves (Bass, Chord & Groove) – 180

As with all Zenhiser sample packs we say just listen to the preview, it will do all the talking!

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