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由传奇 timeWARP2600 和 Kick Ax 乐器的 WayOutWare 创建者开发。WayOutWare 以创建最高质量的仿真而自豪。事实上,TimeWARP 是其创建者 Alan R. Pearlman 认可的唯一 ARP 2600 仿真产品。

WayOutWare 建立在 ARP 仿真卓越传统的基础上,创造了这个传奇合成器的真正、忠实的再现。 WayOutWare 不仅在声音上准确,而且凭借其经验丰富的电路建模和信号处理,WayOutWare 捕捉到了原始 ARP Odyssey 的行为、特征和魅力。借助内置的表情踏板调制、速度和通道压力支持,对细节和真实感的每一个关注都得到了体现。

利用强大的双振荡器、LFO、采样和保持、环形调制、高通和低通滤波器塑造您的完美声音。从内置库中汲取灵感,并通过无限的可调整性开始您自己的声音探索之旅。您可以将 Odyssey 用作单声道、双音或复音合成器,最多可同时使用 4 个声音,将您的项目提升到一个新的水平。

WayOutWare Odyssey 带有超过 150 个预设,包括合成器主音、环境垫、鼓打击乐声音等等。凭借其广泛的控制布局,调整和自动化参数以实现独特的声音设计,使音乐作品成为独一无二的。

Developed by WayOutWare creators of the Legendary timeWARP2600 and Kick Axe instruments.

WayOutWare prides its self on creating the highest quality emulations. In fact, TimeWARP was the only ARP 2600 emulation product endorsed by its creator, Alan R. Pearlman.

WayOutWare building on this legacy of ARP Emulation excellence has created a truly, faithful recreation of this legendary synth. Not only is it accurate sonically, but with their experienced circuit modelling and signal processing, WayOutWare captured the behaviour, character and charm of the original ARP Odyssey. With Expression pedal modulation, velocity and channel pressure support built-in every attention to detail and realism has been made.

Shape your perfect sound leveraging the powerful Dual oscillators, LFO, Sample and Hold, Ring-mod, high-pass and low pass filters. Take inspiration from the built-in library and start your own sonic odyssey of discovery with endless tweakability. You can use Odyssey as mono, duophonic or as a polyphonic synth with up to 4 simultaneous voices to take your project to the next level.

WayOutWare Odyssey comes with over 150 presets including synth leads, ambient pads, drum percussion sounds and more. With its extensive control layout, tweak and automate parameters for unique sound design to make music productions one of a kind.

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