W. A. Production What About Melodic Dubstep Vocals WAV-UHUB

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有影响力的人声对于创作永恒的旋律 Dubstep 歌曲至关重要。 使用 What about:来自 W.A. Production 的 Melodic Dubstep Vocals,您将获得完美的声音来完成您的曲目。 此包中包含一系列闪烁的声乐短语,以帮助形成您的背线的基础。 用我们的创意人声循环来赞美这些 – 旨在让开箱即用的声音听起来很棒,但可以根据您的喜好轻松调整、音调和处理。


Impactful vocals are essential in creating timeless Melodic Dubstep songs. With What about: Melodic Dubstep Vocals from W.A. Production, you’ll get the perfect sounds to finish off your track. Included in this pack is a selection of scintillating vocal phrases to help form the basis of your topline. Compliment these with our creative vocal chop loops — designed to sound great right out the box, but easy to tweak, pitch, and process however you like.

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