Vocal Trance风格编曲教程 – Sonic Academy How To Make Vocal Trance with Craig Connelly TUTORiAL

P2P | 26 November 2021 | 6.64 GB

Sonic Academy 自豪地欢迎全新的导师和全球知名的 Trance DJ/制作人和 A&R 人 Craig Connelly 参加全新的大型课程如何制作声乐 Trance,在那里他重现了他的新单曲“Keep Me Believing”的壮举。梅根麦克达菲 – 本周的 ASOT 1010 曲调不少!


在 Pro Tools 中创建的 Craig 向我们展示的方法可以在每个 DAW 中传输。本课程中包含的大量专业提示和技巧令人兴奋,因为 Craig 以易于遵循的步骤分享了有关他如何获得标志性声音的每一个细节。

如果 12 小时的课程对您来说不够大,还有更多……

我们还与 Craig 的唱片公司合作举办了一场独家混音比赛!


Strap yourself in and get yourself comfy as this is something truly epic!
Sonic Academy proudly welcomes brand new tutor and globally acclaimed Trance DJ/Producer and A&R man Craig Connelly for an all-new HUGE course in How To Make Vocal Trance where he recreates his new single ‘Keep Me Believing’ feat. Megan McDuffee – ASOT 1010 tune of the week no less!

No stone is left unturned here as we go into every detail of the process creating a hit record from building a demo for the vocalist to work from and discussing the business side of things to building the final fine-tuned track along with processing and then mixing and mastering so it’s ready to be played out.

Created in Pro Tools the methods Craig shows us are transferable across every DAW. The sheer amount of pro tips and tricks included in this course are mind-blowing as Craig shares every detail in easy-to-follow steps as to how he gets his signature sound.

And if a 12 hour course isn’t big enough for you, there’s more..

We’ve teamed up with Craig’s label to host an exclusive remix contest as well!

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