TrakTrain Phi Sample Pack by ZAKLADKI WAV-FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 07 October 2021 | 597 MB

在这个 Phi 样本包中,ZAKLADKI 提供了 144 个样本,非常适合制作 Hyperpop、Phonk、Dark 和 Emo Trap、Future Bass、IDM、UK Garage 和 Electropop 音乐。

ZAKLADKI 推出 Phi Sample Pack,其中包括 2020 年隔离期间和 2021 年下半年在录音室中专业演奏和录制的 144 个样本。这是一款多流派电子音乐入门套件,非常适合 Hyperpop、Phonk、Dark & Emo Trap、Future 等流派低音、IDM、英国车库和电子流行音乐。

该包包含 55 多首原创作品,其灵感来自于 Flying Lotus、Arca、Clams Casino、Jamie xx、Flume、Lapalux、Toro Y Moi、QUIET BISON 和 LORN 等艺术家。所有样品都是 100% 免版税的。这意味着您可以将它们用于商业/非商业目的而无需归功于作者并保持 100% 的销售额。


•144 个原始 HQ 样本(122 个循环 + 22 个一次性);
• 分为 5 个文件夹(Bass Loops、Drum Loops、Melody Loops、FX 和 Foley 以及 One-Shots);
•BPM,KEY Note,为每个样本指定的乐器类型;

ZAKLADKI 是莫斯科的音乐制作人和声音设计师。在西伯利亚(克拉斯诺亚尔斯克)长大,出生在哈萨克斯坦东部(乌斯季卡缅诺戈尔斯克)。他的经验包括过去 10 年在 Hyperboloid Records、#INTERNETGHETTO 上发布音乐。 AV 现场音乐会以及与 Adidas Originals 和 CODERED 等服装品牌的合作。


In this Phi Sample Pack ZAKLADKI presents 144 samples perfect for making Hyperpop, Phonk, Dark & Emo Trap, Future Bass, IDM, UK Garage & Electropop music.

ZAKLADKI presents Phi Sample Pack including 144 samples professionally performed and recorded in the studio during the 2020 isolation period and half of 2021. It is a multi-genre electronic music starter kit perfect for such genres as Hyperpop, Phonk, Dark & Emo Trap, Future Bass, IDM, UK Garage & Electropop.

The Pack consists of 55+ original compositions inspired by such artists as Flying Lotus, Arca, Clams Casino, Jamie xx, Flume, Lapalux, Toro Y Moi, QUIET BISON, and LORN. All Samples are 100% Royalty-Free. It means you can use them for both commercial/non-commercial purposes without crediting the author and keep 100% of your sales.

What’s inside?

•144 original HQ samples (122 Loops + 22 One-Shots);
•Grouped in 5 folders (Bass Loops, Drum Loops, Melody Loops, FX and Foley, and One-Shots);
•BPM, KEY Note, Instrument Type specified for each sample;
•Samples can be merged together to make 55+ different tracks;
•Each sample created using Fibonacci sequence/golden ratio-based tuning.

ZAKLADKI is a Moscow-based music producer and sound designer. Raised in Siberia (Krasnoyarsk), born in Eastern Kazakhstan (Ust’-Kamenogorsk). His experience includes music releases on Hyperboloid Records, #INTERNETGHETTO over the last 10 years. All along with AV live concerts and collaborations with clothing brands such as Adidas Originals and CODERED.

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