Toolroom Academy Maxinne Track from Scratch TUTORiAL-DEUCES

DEUCES | 13 April 2022 | 3.45 GB

Maxinne 是电子音乐领域最令人兴奋的新艺术家之一,也是#ToolroomFamily 的重要成员。


在她短暂的职业生涯中,Maxinne 对她的音乐产生了巨大的影响。在被 Toolroom 的 We Are Listening 倡议的厂牌老板 Mark Knight 精心挑选后,她已与 Saved、Knee Deep in Sound 和 Toolroom 签约,并支持 Hot Since 82、Annie Mac 和 Eats Everything 等品牌。她的首张专辑“Red Alert”是她情绪和影响的旅程,展示了旋律和驱动的 Tech House 声音。

在本课程中,您将看到她从头开始构建轨道。从找到钩子和人声制作,到构建打击乐,编写她的贝斯线、垫和到 FX、编排和准备母带,这是 Maxinne 标志性声音的综合教程。

享受 Maxinne 和 Toolroom A&R Pete Griffiths 之间的额外职业发展和 A&R 对话,并获得有关如何在电子音乐领域建立您的艺术家职业生涯的提示。

• 4 小时点播课程
• 终身访问
• 在 Ableton 中学习,但适用于其他 DAW
• 了解 Maxinne 尖端的 Tech House 声音
• 包括关于职业发展的奖金章节


Maxinne is one of the most exciting new artists in electronic music, and a key member of the #ToolroomFamily.

In her debut production tutorial, she invites you into her creative vision, showing you exactly how she builds a track from scratch.

In her short career so far, Maxinne has made a huge impact with her music. After being handpicked by label boss Mark Knight from Toolroom’s We Are Listening initiative, she has achieved signings with Saved, Knee Deep in Sound and Toolroom, and supported the likes of Hot Since 82, Annie Mac and Eats Everything. Her debut album ‘Red Alert’ is a journey of her moods and influences, showcasing the melodic and driving Tech House sound.

In this course, you’ll watch her build a track from scratch. From finding the hook and vocal production, through to building percussion, writing her basslines, pads and onto FX, arrangement and preparation for mastering, this is a comprehensive tutorial of Maxinne’s trademark sound.

Enjoy a bonus career development and A&R conversation between Maxinne and Toolroom A&R Pete Griffiths, and get tips on how to build your artist career in electronic music.

• 4 hour on-demand course
• Lifetime access
• Learn in Ableton, but applicable to other DAWs
• Understand Maxinne’s cutting-edge Tech House sound
• Includes bonus chapter on career development

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