TGX-99 – Yamaha SY99/TG77 for UVI Falcon

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最详尽的 Yamaha SY-99 虚拟样本库。
绝对最接近 SY99 的声音。我们对所有波形进行了采样,包括架子鼓,还对所有出厂预设进行了采样。您将能够创建许多基于 AWM 的预设,并享受重温所有出厂预设的绝对乐趣。

TGX-99 是 Yamaha SY-99/TG-77 虚拟乐器样本库,基于 Pure Synth Platinum 平台。为了与作为 PSP 的惊人结构保持一致,我们包含了来自实际硬件的所有原始样本波形。你会得到 4 个振荡器来组合你的波形以及两个滤波器,每个振荡器有两个 LFO。 arp 和 gate 可以是全局的或每个振荡器的,也可以是 globalnd 每个振荡器的效果,具体取决于您选择的模板。 TGX-99 在很多方面都可以与实际硬件相媲美,因为添加了调制源、效果的数量和质量以及更大的复音。 TGX-99 的目标是虚拟地将实际硬件的感觉置于您的手中。

由于 SY99 包含任何 Yamaha 键盘中最复杂和最先进的 FM 引擎之一(AFM 和 RCM),我们无法复制这一点。事实上,没有人真的可以。因此,为了补偿,我们通过使用采样、合成和复杂的 UVI 脚本技术,从实际硬件中重新创建了原始的 128 个工厂预设。我们甚至能够对设备的实际混响进行建模,以便为拥有硬件提供最真实的体验。

包括 128 个出厂音色预设

包括 64 个 Wave ROM 预设



SY99 混响的脉冲


Most Exhaustive Yamaha SY-99 Virtual Sample Library.
The absolute closest thing you will get to the sound of the SY99. We samples all of the waveforms, including the drum kits and also sampled all of the factory presets. You will be able to create many of your AWM based presets and have an absolute joy reliving all of the factory presets as well.

The TGX-99 is a Yamaha SY-99/TG-77 virtual instrument sample library based off of the Pure Synth Platinum platform. In keeping with the amazing structure of as PSP, we have included ALL of the raw sample waveforms from the actual hardware. You get 4-oscillators in which to combine your waveforms as well as two filters, and two LFOs per oscillator. The arp and gate can be global or per oscillator as well as globalnd per oscillator effects, depending on the template you choose. In many ways the TGX-99 rivals that of the actual hardware, because of the added modulation sources, the number and quality of effects as well as greater polyphony. The goal of the TGX-99 is to virtually put the feeling of the actual hardware right into your hands.

Since the SY99 contained one of the most sophisticated and advanced FM engines (AFM and RCM) of any of the Yamaha keyboards, we could not replicate this. In fact no one really can. So in order to compensate, we have included a re-creation of the the original 128 factory presets from the actual hardware by using sampling, synthesis, and sophisticated UVI scripting techniques. We were even able to model the actual reverbs of the unit in order to provide the most realistic experience possible to owning the hardware.

Includes 128 Factory Voice Presets

Includes 64 Wave ROM Presets

Includes All Factory Waveforms

Includes all Factory Drum Kits

Impulses of SY99 Reverbs

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