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CS15D 是一款基于传奇的 Yamaha CS15D 的定制乐器,并添加了一些重要功能。我们将合成器明亮且可识别的特性与闪闪发光的空间和直观、灵活的门控音序器相结合。使用 CS15D 而不局限于任何特定的音乐流派。它非常适合从强大、咆哮的低音线到重现 80 年代霓虹灯垫的声音和 8 位音轨风格的所有内容。请务必将这款强大的新乐器添加到您的收藏中!


合成器的原始版本没有空间效果。但是在这个乐器中,您可以访问各种空间预设!它们是使用最好的软件和传奇处理器(例如 Bricasti M7 和 Eventide Eclipse)创建的,将为您的音乐增添个性和深度!

我们为仪器添加并设置了默认的 ADSR 参数。通过自定义这些参数,您可以轻松更改音色以塑造尖锐的打击乐声音或柔和、平滑上升的纹理。

CS15D 具有灵活、直观的门控音序器,让您的声音栩栩如生!您可以通过使用各种播放模式和从 2 到 32 步的序列以及精确的速度控制来创建任何节奏模式!

– 声音:29
– 效果:4
– 采样分辨率:48kHz
– 位深:24 位
– 未压缩大小:1.6Gb


要求:Nl Kontakt FULL V6.1.1 或更高版本!


CS15D is a custom instrument based on the legendary Yamaha CS15D with some big additions. We combined the bright and recognizable character of the synth with sparkling spaces and an intuitive, flexible gate sequencer. Use the CS15D without limiting yourself to any specific music genres. It’s perfect for everything from powerful, roaring bass lines as well as recreating the sounds of neon pads from the 80s and the style of 8-bit tracks. Be sure to add this powerful new instrument to your collection!

The Heart
We saved the heart of the synthesizer while carefully and accurately capturing every voice and the brilliance parameter. By switching voices or adjusting the brilliance filter settings, you’ll get the full feeling of working with an hardware synthesizer, in which you can hear all of the fine sound details.

The Space
The original version of the synthesizer didn’t have spatial effects. But in this instrument, you’ll have access to various spatial presets! They were created using the best software and legendary processors, such as the Bricasti M7 and Eventide Eclipse, and will fill your music with character and depth!

We added and set up default ADSR parameters to the instrument. By customizing these parameters, you can easily change the timbre to sculpt sharp percussive sounds or soft, smoothly rising textures.

Moving in Steps
The CS15D has a flexible, intuitive gate sequencer that makes your sounds come to life! You can create any rhythmic pattern by using the various play modes and sequencing from 2 to 32 steps with precise velocity control!

– Voices: 29
– Effects: 4
– Sample Resolution: 48kHz
– Bit Depth: 24bit
– Uncompressed Size: 1.6Gb

Requires: Nl Kontakt FULL V6.1.1 or higher!

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