Spotify 歌曲转换格式工具 – TunePat Spotify Converter 1.5.0 MacOS

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TunePat Spotify Converter 致力于帮助 Spotify 用户下载 Spotify 歌曲并将其转换为通用格式,而无需安装 Spotify 应用程序。有了它,Spotify Free 和 Premium 用户都可以将 Spotify 歌曲传输到他们的任何设备以进行离线流式传输。

获取 Spotify 歌曲下载
众所周知,无论您是 Spotify Free 用户还是 Spotify Premium 订阅者,都不可能将 Spotify 歌曲直接保存为本地文件,因为 Spotify 上的所有歌曲都受到编码格式的保护。
TunePat Spotify Converter – 一个 100% 干净的程序,无需安装任何额外的软件,包括 Spotify 应用程序,专为从 Spotify 下载歌曲、专辑和播放列表而设计,以便您可以离线收听 Spotify 歌曲或将它们传输到其他设备上欣赏.

将 Spotify 转换为 MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC
为了让您在更多设备上欣赏 Spotify 歌曲,TunePat Spotify 转换器支持将 Spotify 歌曲、专辑和播放列表转换为最流行的格式,包括 MP3、AAC、WAV 或 FLAC 格式。
使用 TunePat Spotify 转换器,您可以使用更多多媒体播放器轻松收听 Spotify 歌曲。您可以将它们导出到 USB,将它们同步到您的 MP3 播放器,将它们导入您的 iPhone,等等。

以 10 倍的速度以无损质量进行转换
TunePat Spotify Converter 是一款快速的 Spotify 音乐下载器。通过采用创新技术,它能够以高达 10 倍的速度转换 Spotify 歌曲。
此外,程序在转换后保持无损输出质量。您可以以原始音质离线收听 Spotify 歌曲。

转换后保留 ID3 标签
为方便起见,大多数人会关心转换后是否可以保留下载的Spotify歌曲的标签信息。 TunePat Spotify 转换器能够在转换后保留 ID3 标签,例如标题、艺术家、艺术品、专辑、曲目编号等。

• 64 位处理器
• OS X 10.11 或更高版本


TunePat Spotify Converter is dedicated to helping Spotify users to download and convert Spotify songs to a common format with no need to install the Spotify app. With it, both Spotify Free and Premium users can transfer Spotify songs to any of their devices for streaming offline.

Get Spotify Songs Download
It’s known to us all that it’s impossible to directly save Spotify songs as local files, no matter you are a Spotify Free user or Spotify Premium subscriber, since all the songs on Spotify are protected in an encoded format.
TunePat Spotify Converter – a 100% clean program with no need to install any extra software including the Spotify app, is designed for downloading songs, albums and playlists from Spotify so that you can listen to Spotify songs offline or transfer them to other devices for enjoying.

Convert Spotify to MP3/AAC/WAV/FLAC
To enable you to enjoy Spotify songs on more devices, TunePat Spotify Converter supports converting Spotify songs, albums and playlists to the most popular formats, including MP3, AAC, WAV or FLAC format.
With TunePat Spotify Converter, you can easily listen to your Spotify songs with more multimedia players. And you can export them to a USB, sync them to your MP3 player, import them to your iPhone, etc.

Convert at 10X Speed with Lossless Quality
TunePat Spotify Converter is a fast Spotify music downloader. By adopting an innovative technology, it is able to convert Spotify songs at up to 10X faster speed.
In addition, the program keeps lossless output quality after conversion. You can listen to your Spotify songs offline with original audio quality.

Keep ID3 tags after Conversion
For convenience, most people would care whether the tag info of the downloaded Spotify songs can be retained after conversion. TunePat Spotify Converter is able to keep ID3 tags such as Title, Artist, Artwork, Album, Track Number and more after conversion.
Besides, the program enables you to sort out the converted files by Artist, Album, Artist/Album, Album/Artist or simply save all the songs under the same folder.

Supported Operation System:
• 64-bit processor
• OS X 10.11 or later

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