Splice Sessions African Horns WAV-FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 18 January 2022 | 530 MB

这个包在达喀尔的 Laboutique 工作室录制,由 Pape Armand Boye 制作,以非洲喇叭为焦点,是西非声音和乐器的全面集合,包括鼓、吉他和打击乐器。 这些声音追溯了从塞内加尔到南非,从贝宁到尼日利亚的整个大陆的风格——祖国的灵魂穿过了黄铜的身体。

除了非洲的影响之外,演奏这个包的音乐家还从古巴、尼日利亚和芝加哥的摩城音乐中汲取了音乐灵感。 这些样本包含萨克斯管、长号、小号等,将为您的曲目注入活力,让人联想到现代工作室制作的街头派对。

•191 圈


Recorded at Laboutique Studios in Dakar and produced by Pape Armand Boye with African horns as the focal point, this pack is a well-rounded collection of West African sounds and instruments including drums, guitars, and percussion. These sounds trace the styles of the continent from Senegal to South Africa, from Benin to Nigeria—the soul of the motherland passed through a body of brass.

In addition to the African influence, the musicians who performed this pack also pulled musical inspiration from Cuba, Nigeria, and Chicago’s Motown. Featuring saxophones, trombones, trumpets, and more, these samples will inject vitality into your tracks that are reminiscent of street parties with modern studio production.

•78 one shots
•191 loops

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