Splice Originals Sweetest Touch WAV-FLARE

Team FLARE | 07 June 2021 | 678 MB

与 Sam Obey(fka Obey City,以及 Ensemble Entendu 和 Dave + Sam 的二分之一)合作,我们深入探索 1980 年代和 90 年代早期 R&B 的旋律。 此版本并不代表简单的 R&B。 它曲折曲折,摇摆不定。 我们从融合流派中汲取了影响,例如带有 Roland TR-808 鼓机的 new jack swing 和切分节奏。 我们从民谣中借用,挖掘我们最深的情感。 我们添加了来自迪斯科布吉舞曲的可跳舞节奏以及来自深沉和新放克的低音。

我们受到了 Mary Jane Girls、SOS Band、Babyface 和 Shalamar 等艺术家的影响。 您可以期待大量 DX7 合成器和经典鼓机声音。 如果您希望通过现代、高品质的制作,在 80 年代和 90 年代的经典歌曲中进行一次声音之旅,那就别无所求。 这些声音肯定会为您的作品增添一丝甜蜜。


x201 循环
x83 一次性


In collaboration with Sam Obey (fka Obey City, and one-half of Ensemble Entendu and Dave + Sam), we dove deep into the grooves of the 1980s and early ‘90s R&B. This release doesn’t represent straightforward R&B. It zigs and zags, swings and swaggers. We pulled influences from fusion genres like new jack swing with its Roland TR-808 drum machines and syncopated rhythms. We borrowed from ballads, tapping our deepest emotions. We added danceable tempos from disco boogie and basslines from deep and neo-funk.

We pulled influences from artists like Mary Jane Girls, SOS Band, Babyface, and Shalamar. You can expect lots of DX7 synth and classic drum machine sounds. If you’re looking to take a sonic journey through the classic sounds of ‘80s and ‘90s hits with modern, high-quality production, look no further. These sounds are sure to add a touch of sweetness to your productions.

Download Includes:

x201 Loops
x83 One Shots

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