Sonic Collective MIDI Guitar with Rotem Sivan MULTiFORMAT-FANTASTiC

FANTASTiC | 07 May 2022 | 795 MB

布鲁克林的爵士吉他手 Rotem Sivan 返回 Splice Sounds 收集第三个样本,这一次结合了 MIDI,为制作人提供了一个表达维度和灵活性。 我们很幸运能够使用我们在 D’Angelico 的朋友提供的各种风格的吉他。 我们通过原始的 Splice 工作室信号链捕捉表演,同时使用 Fishman 提供的 MIDI 拾音器将 Rotem 的演奏录制为 MIDI。

MIDI 吉他录音使您可以使用自己的合成器补丁轻松分层或修改包的样本。 万一您不喜欢制作合成器补丁,我们通过提供 Astra 预设来配合每个 MIDI 录音,让您轻松制作! 单独的吉他部件以及完整的、堆叠的歌曲启动器可供制作人立即捕捉氛围。

特别感谢 On the Grid Creative、D’Angelico Guitars 和 Fishman 的 Brock Scott。

•93 圈
•27 MIDI
•27 个预设


Brooklyn-based jazz guitarist Rotem Sivan returns to Splice Sounds for a third collection of samples, this time incorporating MIDI for a dimension of expression and flexibility for the producer. We were lucky enough to work with a full range styles of guitar courtesy of our friends at D’Angelico. We captured the performances through the pristine Splice studio signal chain, while recording Rotem’s playing as MIDI using MIDI pickups provided by Fishman.

MIDI guitar recordings make it easy to layer or modify the pack’s samples using your own synth patches. And just in case you don’t like making synth patches, we made it easy by offering Astra presets to go along with each MIDI recording! Individual guitar parts are featured as well as full, stacked-up songstarters for producers to immediately catch a vibe.

Special thanks to Brock Scott of On the Grid Creative, D’Angelico Guitars and Fishman.

•93 loops
•27 MIDI
•27 presets

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