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FANTASTiC | 22 June 2022 | 4.32 GB

不朽的 4 曲目,卧室制作人的奖品和 lo-fi 爱好者的永恒缪斯,再次以独特的形式成为焦点。 Sans Fin 是 12 个原始 4 轨磁带循环会话的集合,像乐器一样在 4 轨上播放,受到影响和录制,为您的下一个多产制作设置背景。

每个 Sans Fin 会话都由我们的老式 4 轨机器以四个部分录制的模拟合成器表演推动。通过在回放过程中实时调整吉他踏板效果、滤波器、电平控制等,我们让每个会话都栩栩如生,通过一系列雅致的外置砂砾和外部环境效果进行路由。其结果是一个无缝的、永无止境的循环,为制作人寻找一个可以悬挂旋律的声波帷幔或构建乐章的情感纹理具有无限潜力。

这 12 节课涵盖了大量的声音基础,探索不断扩大的氛围、嗡嗡的和弦构建和悬疑的阴影。一些循环(至少 45 秒的长度)为旋律叠加设置了可靠的轮廓,非常适合现场表演、工作室纹理和游戏地形。制作人将在这个系列的较长设计中找到无穷无尽的灵感,这些 1 到 2 分钟不断演变的动态轮廓吸引了艺术或商业的关注。进一步扩展,12 个会话中的每一个都包括 5 个其他声音美学迭代:4 个轨道上的高音高、正常音高和低音高设置的高速和正常速度版本,每个会话总共 24 个循环。

这是第一套四个无鳍系列,每个系列都略有不同,性格独特。除了数字下载之外,该集合还提供了 microSD 上的颗粒准备和 Morphagene 下载。我们还为热爱磁带的粉丝发布了限量版磁带,以添加他们自己的多通道技巧和饱和表达,使这些独特的会议绝对无与伦比。

• 288 x 24/441 总循环分为 12 – 4 个轨道磁带循环包(完整捆绑包)
•每个 4 轨道磁带循环包中的 24 x 24/441 总循环
•4 轨道格式,每个文件有 6 种变体
•提供完整的 12 – 4 轨道磁带循环(总共 288 个循环)或单独的 4 轨道磁带循环(总共 24 个循环)


Enduring Simplicity
The immortal 4 track, the prize of bedroom producers and enduring muse of lo-fi aficionados, has once again been brought into focus in unique form. Sans Fin is a collection of 12 original 4 track tape loop sessions, played on the 4 track like an instrument, affected and recorded to set the backdrop for your next prolific production.

Each Sans Fin session is fueled by an analog synth performance recorded in four parts to our vintage 4 track machine. Through real-time adjustment of guitar pedal effects, filters, level controls, etc during playback, we brought each session to life, routing in a tasteful array of outboard grit and external ambient effects. The result is a seamless, unending loop with endless potential for producers in search of a sonic drape on which to hang a melody, or an emotive texture with which to build a movement.

These 12 sessions cover a ton of sonic ground, exploring expanding atmospheres, droning chord builds, and suspenseful shadows. Some loops (minimum of 45 seconds in length) set a reliable contour for a melodic overlay, perfect for live performance, studio textures, and gaming terrain. Producers will find endless inspiration in the longer designs of this collection, those 1 to 2 minute evolving, dynamic silhouettes that beg artistic or commercial limelight. Expanding further, each of the 12 sessions include 5 other sonically esthetic iterations: hi and normal speed versions of high pitch, normal pitch, and low pitch settings on the 4 track for a total of 24 loops per session.

This is the first set of four Sans Fin collections, each slightly varied in disposition and unique in character. In addition to digital download, this collection is offered granular-ready on microSD and download for Morphagene. We’re also releasing a limited run on cassette for our tape-loving fans to add their own multichannel finesse and saturated expression, making these unique sessions absolutely incomparable.

•288 x 24/441 total loops split across 12 – 4 Track Tape Loop Packs in Full Bundle
•24 x 24/441 total loops in each 4 Track Tape Loop Pack
•4 Track Format with 6 variations of each file
•Not bound to any tempo*
•Offered as a Complete Bundle of 12 – 4 track tape loops (288 loops total) or individual 4 Track tape loops (24 loops total)

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