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SmartScore 64 Professional Edition 11.5.101 WIN

Languages: English, German
File Size: 638.2 MB

SmartScore 64 Pro 识别乐谱时对分谱数或页数没有任何限制。 符号、歌词和文本的识别准确率高达 99% 以上*。 处理合唱乐谱、乐队编曲、歌剧、赞美诗、音乐剧、器乐和独奏部分以及完整的指挥乐谱。 扫描、编辑、转置、提取分谱、调整页边距以及重新格式化几乎任何印刷乐谱的布局。 只需几分钟即可将输出打印或保存为 PDF、MusicXML、MP3 音频文件。 您的新乐谱看起来很棒,回放听起来丰富、细腻且逼真。

SmartScore 64 是抄写员、编曲家、教育工作者和音乐部长不可或缺的工具。 无论您是使用它来将乐谱导出到另一个乐谱程序,还是完全独立使用,SmartScore 64 几乎无所不能。 下载演示版并亲自发现它的强大功能。

– 包含我们所有其他版本中的所有内容。
– 直接扫描乐谱或处理来自互联网的 PDF 文件。

直接从 SmartScore 中扫描指挥的乐谱、乐队编曲、歌剧作品集和赞美诗。 识别、回放和编辑 PDF 或扫描乐谱,包括具有优化系统和移调乐器的乐谱。 提取零件以分离 SmartScore 文档。 保存为 MusicXML 文件格式,甚至保存为 .MP3 音频。


我们在设计流线型笔记编辑器方面的努力与我们在构建世界上最准确的识别引擎方面所做的努力一样。 只需单击一下或使用键盘快捷键,即可轻松访问符号、工具、控件和强大的对话框驱动功能。 我们消除了混乱,因此您不必这样做。

在简单的层次结构中管理您的分数。 通过仅选择您想要的部分以图形方式提取部分,创建一个新文档而不触及原始文档。 添加部件并控制它们的可见性。 当系统因扫描错误而损坏时重新链接部件。

包括和弦符号和吉他品格图以及纯文本和弦符号的精确识别。 当您移调调号时,和弦符号会立即更新,即使是在多次调号更改时也是如此。 使用和弦编辑器轻松添加或编辑现有配置。 仅显示音品图或和弦名称或两者。

简单轻松地重新格式化页面布局。 从多种预先格式化的页面类型中进行选择或自定义您自己的布局。 轻松调整系统和员工队伍的间距、边距和宽度。 更改横向-纵向页面方向并仍然保持完美居中的音乐。 制作雕刻品质的印刷品和 PDF 输出。 当您将 SmartScore MusicXML 文件导入您最喜欢的制谱程序时,保持所有页面格式。

直接从 SmartScore 转置和打印。 另存为 MIDI 或 MusicXML,然后在 Finale、MuseScore、Sibelius 或任何其他支持 MusicXML 的记谱程序中打开您的乐谱。 导出为 Type 1 或 Type 0 MIDI 文件以及 Yamaha 键盘的 XF MIDI 文件。 您甚至可以将播放转换为 MP3 文件!

Windows XP 或更高版本(64 位)(兼容 Windows 11)


SmartScore 64 Pro recognizes scores without any restriction on the number of parts or pages. Notation, lyrics and text recognized with up to 99+% accuracy*. Process choral scores, band arrangements, operas, hymns, musicals, instrumental and solo parts as well as full conductor’s scores. Scan, edit, transpose, extract parts, adjust page margins and reformat layout of practically any printed score. Print or save output to PDF, MusicXML, MP3 audio files all within a few minutes. Your new score will look great and playback will sound rich, nuanced and true-to-life.

SmartScore 64 is an indispensable tool for transcribers, arrangers, educators and music ministers. Whether you are using it to export scores to another notation program or using it entirely on its own, there is very little SmartScore 64 can’t do. Download the demo and discover its powers for yourself.

Professional Edition
– Contains everything featured in all our other editions.
– Scan scores directly or process PDF files from the internet.

Full Scores
Scan conductor’s scores, band arrangements, opera folios and chorales directly from inside SmartScore. Recognize, play back and edit PDF or scanned scores including those with optimized systems and transposed instruments. Extract parts to separate SmartScore documents. Save to MusicXML file format and even to .MP3 audio.

Complex Symbols Recognition
Superior recognition and editing of complex symbols such as cross-staff beams, intra-staff voices, key and time signatures including change-of-key and change-of-time.

Intelligent Notation Editor
We worked just as hard in designing a streamlined note editor as we did with building the world’s most accurate recognition engine. Symbols, tools, controls and powerful dialog-driven functions are easily accessible with a single click or with keyboard shortcuts. We cut through the clutter so you don’t have to.

Easy-to-use Score Structure
Manage your score in a simple hierarchy. Extract parts graphically by selecting only the parts you want, creating a new document without touching the original. Add parts and control their visibility. Re-link parts when systems get broken due to scanning errors.

Chord Editor
Includes precision recognition of chord symbols and guitar fret diagrams as well as text-only chord symbols. Chord symbols instantly update when you transpose key signatures, even across multiple key changes. Easily add or edit existing configurations with the Chord Editor. Display only fret diagram or chord name or both.

Page Formatting and Setup
Reformat page layouts simply and easily. Choose from several pre-formatted page types or customize your own layout. Easily adjust system and staffline spacing, margins and widths. Change landscape-portrait page orientations and still maintain perfectly centered music. Produce engraver-quality print and PDF output. Maintain all page formatting when you import SmartScore MusicXML files into your favorite notation program.

Input / Output Options
Transpose and print directly from SmartScore. Save as MIDI or MusicXML and open your scores in Finale, MuseScore, Sibelius or any other notation program supporting MusicXML. Export to Type 1 or Type 0 MIDI files as well as XF MIDI files for Yamaha keyboards. You can even convert playback to MP3 files!

System Requirements
Windows XP or later (64-bit) (Windows 11 compatible)


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