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无需以前的经验,我的 Final Cut Pro X 课程将教你如何从初学者到 YouTube 值得内容创作者。 我们将从; 原始、冗长和未经编辑的内容。 到; 流畅、优美、引人入胜的视频!

我从现在在我的 YouTube 上直播的热门视频中分享了我的完整工作流程

将素材添加到时间线并创建您的节目长度。 我们将删除我们的不良镜头和暂停,我们将保留内容的节目长度。
添加元素,我们将学习如何添加; 标题、B-roll、音乐、缩放和声音效果。 所有这些都是为了进一步传达我们编辑的叙述。
完善我们的编辑,我们将添加字幕,例如; 颜色分级和音频母带处理使我们的内容美观。


With no previous experience needed, my Final Cut Pro X course will teach you how to go from beginner to YouTube worthy content creator. We’ll go from; raw, lengthy and unedited content. To; smooth, polished and engaging video!

I share my complete workflow from a popular video that is now live on my YouTube

Adding footage to the timeline and creating your programme length. We’ll trim out our bad takes and pauses and we’ll be left with the programme length of our content.
Adding elements, we’ll learn how to add; titles, b-roll, music, zooms and sound effects. All to convey the narrative of our edit further.
Polishing our edit, we’ll add subtitles such as; colour grading and audio mastering to make our content aesthetically pleasing.

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