SINEE SHDW & Obscure Shape Online Masterclass Essential (English subtitles incl.)

Online Masterclass (English subtitles incl.) | AudioZ Exclusive | 3.42 GB

凭借 SHDW 和 Obscure Shape,这对非凡的二人组今年进入了 SINEE 世界! 2015 年,他们的前三张唱片“Nachtblende”、“Wenn Die Masken Fallen”和“Die Weiße Rose”的发行拉开了序幕——两人经历了令人难以置信的快速音乐生涯。他们永无止境的世界巡演,将他们带到了无数的节日舞台,给了他们丰富的经验。而现在,SINEE 社区正从中受益!

个人和根据您的口味 – 具有 SHDW 和模糊形状的在线大师班有两个版本:基本和专业。

你想看看工作室里成功的制片人二人组的肩膀吗?从宝贵的学习经验和强大的提示中受益于您自己的声音?然后,我们希望您在 Essential 版本的 Masterclass 中获得很多乐趣。

另一方面,专业版扩展了广泛的在线大师班,阐明了全球成功的技术表演 SHDW 和 Obscure Shape 的工作流程和声音。它包括战略营销、自我营销和沟通等方面。来自斯图加特的两个人将在独家课程中教您何时以及如何联系您最喜欢的品牌。此外,还将讨论自有品牌的机会和风险。


With SHDW & Obscure Shape an extraordinary duo finds its way into the SINEE universe this year! Kicked off by the release of their first three records “Nachtblende”, “Wenn Die Masken Fallen” and “Die Weiße Rose” in 2015 – the two guys experienced an incredibly rapid music career. Their never-ending world tour, which brought them to numerous festival stages, has given them an immense amount of experience. And now the SINEE community is to benefit from this!

Individual and according to your taste – the Online Masterclass with SHDW & Obscure Shape is available in two versions: Essential & Professional.

You want to look over the shoulder of the successful producer duo in the studio? Benefit from valuable learnings and strong tips for your own sound? Then we wish you a lot of fun with the Masterclass in the Essential version.

The Professional version, on the other hand, expands the extensive online masterclass, which sheds light on the workflow and sound of the globally successful techno act SHDW & Obscure Shape. It includes aspects of strategic marketing, self-marketing and communication. The two guys from Stuttgart will teach you in exclusive lessons when and how to contact your favorite labels. Furthermore, chances and risks of an own label will be discussed.

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