Serato DJ Suite v3.0.0 MacOS

TRAZOR | 2023年1月5日| 666,1 MB


Serato DJ套房包括
•Serato DJ Pro
•Serato Video
Serato DVS
•Serato FX
•Serato Flip
•Serato Pitch ‘n Time DJ

Serato DJ Pro作为DJ软件平台,在市场上占据主导地位。与Serato DJ套件,你得到的一切,使这个系统如此受欢迎。

绝对坚如磐石的四层DJ系统,集成采样,热提示,EQing,以及任何现代DJ都可以要求的所有其他功能。接下来,你将看到主要扩展内容。Serato Video可以让你添加vj风格的图形,而不关注你的视觉效果,而Pitch ‘n Time可以让你实现极端的时间和音调弯曲,而Flip可以让你为高级过渡和其他技巧创建自动提示点触发器。顶部与每FX扩展包Serato使,你有Serato DJ套房。

当谈到管理你的音乐,你不能要求比Serato DJ Pro更好的副驾驶。整理你的音乐到不同的板条箱,与专辑艺术完成。您将获得完全访问您的iTunes库和whitelabel.net文件right off the bat。你甚至可以设置关键字,如类型或BPM,将你的音乐分类到自动更新的智能板条箱中,或者将新文件扔到“准备板条箱”中以供进一步审查。Serato DJ Pro甚至可以调用你在最近的演出中演奏的历史,这是一个真正的奖金,如果你需要为版税追踪列表。


macOS 11 ~ 13



TRAZOR | 5 January 2023 | 666,1 MB

The professional standard when it comes to DJ software.

Serato DJ Suite includes
• Serato DJ Pro
• Serato Video
• Serato DVS
• Serato FX
• Serato Flip
• Serato Pitch ‘n Time DJ

As a DJ software platform, Serato DJ Pro dominates the market. And with the Serato DJ Suite, you get everything that makes this system so popular.

An absolutely rock-solid 4-deck DJ system to work from, with integrated sampling, hot cueing, EQing, and all the other functions any modern DJ could ask for. Next, you get the major expansions. Serato Video lets you add VJ-style graphics without focusing on your visuals, while Pitch ‘n Time lets you pull off extreme time and pitch bends, and Flip lets you create automated cue point triggers for advanced transitions and other tricks. Top it off with every FX Expansion Pack Serato makes, and you’ve got the Serato DJ Suite.
Organize your music with virtual crates and useful metadata

When it comes to managing your music, you couldn’t ask for a better copilot than Serato DJ Pro. Organize your music into crates for different gigs, complete with album art. You’ll get full access to your iTunes library and files right off the bat too. You can even set up keywords, such as genre or BPM, to sort your music into smart crates that auto update, or toss new files into the Prepare Crate for further review. Serato DJ Pro can even call up a history of what you played in recent gigs, which is a real bonus if you need to turn in lists for royalty tracking.
See your music in motion in the refreshingly clean interface

Whats new in this version
Official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.

System Requirements
macOS 11 to 13


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