Samples Choice Memphis Trap WAV-FANTASTiC

神奇| 2022年11月19日| 402.39 MB

样品的选择是返回一个新的陷阱集合:孟菲斯陷阱。包包含172个独家样品808贝斯,钢琴环,磁带键,钟,合弦声,垫环,鼓环,顶部环,踢环,圈套环,hi-hats环,和更多。灵感的关键时钟和年轻的Dolph的声音,包包含9个套件的主节拍,键节拍没有鼓,和每一个单一的乐器分层完全控制建立越来越多的旋律。也适合钻,Lo-Fi,嘻哈,和许多更多的风格。包详细信息:172 x wav 44.1 khz 24位所有文件都是免费的,并准备在所有主要的音乐软件上工作。其他类型,这个包可能是有用的:低保真嘻哈低音音乐



FANTASTiC | 19 November 2022 | 402.39 MB

Samples Choice is back with a new trap collection: Memphis Trap. The pack contains 172 exclusive samples with 808 basses, piano loops, tape keys, bells, synths, pad loops, drum loops, top loops, kick loops, snare loops, hi-hats loops, and many more. Inspired by the sound of Key Clock and Young Dolph, the pack contains 9 kits with main beats, keys beats without drums, and every single instrument layered for full control to build more and more melodies. Also suitable for Drill, Lo-Fi, Hip Hop, and many more styles. Pack details: 172 x wav 44.1 khz 24-bit All files are royalty-free and ready to work on all major music software. Other genres that this package may be useful in: Lo-fi Hip Hop Bass Music

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