Sample Tools by Cr2 Dark Acid Techno WAV MIDI-DECiBEL

Team DECiBEL | 18 Jan 2022 | 1.63GB

Cr2 的 Sample Tools 以全新的样品包开启新的一年:Dark Acid Techno!我们有史以来最广泛的样本包之一,包含 3GB 的热门内容。如果您希望更深入地沉浸在打击乐、黑暗的低音循环和地下酸性氛围的领域,那么这就是您的理想选择……

这个令人难以置信的样品包拥有 1200 多个专业品质的样品,是我们发布的任何单个样品包中最多的!受 Charlotte de Witte、Space 92、Alex Lentini 和 Eli Brown 等人的启发,此版本为您提供了目前市场上最受欢迎的声音。

如果您需要一些大量的鼓样本来加强您的制作,这个包为您提供了近 100 个重击鼓循环,以及 60 个单发样本,包括强大的底鼓、活泼的军鼓和精选的松脆帽子。构成此版本的大部分内容并满足您的所有旋律需求,此包包括许多 stabby 和弦循环、时尚的垫循环和详细的音乐循环。音乐循环带有相应的合成器、贝斯和鼓循环以及 MIDI 文件,为您提供充分的灵活性和创作自由。我们还为您配备了惊人的 227 个 FX 样本,可帮助您提高和释放制作中的紧张感。

好像所有这些还不够,该包还包括大量前卫的人声短语、单词和 FX 循环(湿式和干式),它们经过处理并准备直接放入您的作品中。最后,最重要的是,您可以找到 3 个完整制作的歌曲入门套件。这些套件分为茎和相应的 MIDI 文件,并将让您深入了解如何制作专业的 Dark Acid Techno 音轨!用这些大量的黑暗声音加强你的游戏,提升你的下一个工作室!

我们是 Cr2 的 Sample Tools,这是……Dark Acid Techno!

MIDI 文件总数:244
20 x 帽子
20 次踢
20 个圈套
98 个鼓循环
38 个和弦循环
227 x FX(白噪声、子 FX、军鼓提升器、噪声、氛围)
558 x 音乐循环
144 x 垫循环
3 个歌曲启动器(48 个音频文件)
66 x 人声


Sample Tools by Cr2 is kicking off the new year with a smasher of a sample pack: Dark Acid Techno! One of our most extensive sample packs ever, consisting of 3GB of hard hitting content. If you’re looking to be taken one deeper into the realm of pounding kicks, dark bass loops and underground acid vibes, then this is the pack for you…

This incredible sample pack boasts over 1200 professional quality samples, the most of any single sample pack we’ve ever released! Inspired by the likes of Charlotte de Witte, Space 92, Alex Lentini, and Eli Brown, this release supplies you with the most in-demand sounds currently on the market.

If you’re in need of some hefty drum samples to step up your productions, this pack has got your covered with almost 100 pounding drum loops, as well as 60 one shot samples including powerful kicks, snappy snares, and a fine selection of crunchy hats. Making up the bulk of this release and satisfying all your melodic needs, this pack includes a number of stabby chord loops, stylish pad loops, and detailed music loops. The music loops come with corresponding synth, bass and drum loops as well as MIDI files to give you full flexibility and creative freedom. We also equip you with a staggering 227 FX samples that will help you raise and release tension in your productions.

As if all of that wasn’t enough the pack further includes a large amount of edgy vocal phrases, words and FX loops (both wet and dry) that are processed and ready to drop straight into your productions. Finally, to top it all off, you can expect to find 3 fully produced songstarter kits. These kits are broken down into stems and corresponding MIDI files, and will provide you with an extensive insight into how a professional Dark Acid Techno track is produced! Step up your game with this massive collection of dark sounds, and elevate your next studio session!

We are Sample Tools by Cr2 and this is… Dark Acid Techno!

Total File Size: 3GB
Total Audio Files: 1239
Total MIDI Files: 244
20 x Hats
20 x Kicks
20 x Snares
98 x Drum Loops
38 x Chord Loops
227 x FX (White Noise, Sub FX, Snare Uplifters, Noises, Atmospheres)
558 x Music Loops
144 x Pad Loops
3 x Songstarters (48 Audio Files)
66 x Vocals

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