Reason RE DNA Labs Glacius X v2.0.0 PROPER-R2R WIN

Team R2R | 2022.09.17 | 5.24 GB

Glacius X 第 2 版已经到来……配备了巨大的 6gb 声音库! Glacius 包括大量新的树干震动 808 低音炮、底鼓、军鼓、拍手、闭合踩镲、开放踩镲、钹、故障鼓组、从未听说过的超级锯、幽灵般的歌唱合成器、陷阱风格的长笛、金属铃铛、精致的弦乐部分、怪诞钢琴、巨大的电影铜管乐器、天堂合唱团合成器、巨大的电影歌曲、反向故障复音合成器、摇滚明星吉他、混合纹理垫和现代未来派门控合成器。

Glacius Synthesizer RE 结合了行业就绪的管弦乐器和全新的合成乐器,结合了令人赏心悦目的和用户可定义的 GUI/UX(9 个工厂皮肤和奖励隐藏皮肤)与独特的未来主义四 X 层 osc/采样引擎和全新的多效果处理引擎。 Glacius Synthesizer 是一个现代机架扩展,适用于所有类型的制作人,从陷阱、嘻哈、配音步骤、浩室音乐和所有电子舞曲到戏剧性和逼真的管弦乐配乐!还提供新的 HUGE Kontent Xpansion 笔芯!


The Glacius X Version 2 has arrived… Equipped with a gigantic 6gb sound bank of hit-making ammunition! Glacius includes tons of new trunk shaking 808 subs, kicks, snares, claps, closed hihats, open hihats, cymbals, glitched drum sets, never before heard super saws, ghostly singing synths, trap style flutes, metallic bells, elaborate string sections, eerie pianos, giant cinematic brass, heavenly choir synths, huge cinematic hits, reverse glitched poly synths, rockstar guitars, hybrid textured pads, and modern futuristic gated synths.

With both industry ready orchestral instruments and totally new synthesized instruments, the Glacius Synthesizer RE combines the power of an eye pleasing and user definable GUI/UX (9 factory Skins & bonus hidden skins) with a unique futuristic quad X layer osc/sampling engine & totally new multi-effects processing engine. Glacius Synthesizer is a modern rack extension for producers of all genres ranging from trap, hip hop, dub step, house, & all electronic dance music to dramatic & realistic orchestral scoring! New HUGE Kontent Xpansion refills are also available!

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