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记录,生产,混合,掌握,并执行所有从一个单一,直观的应用程序。从工作室到舞台,Studio One®5以易用为核心,是您的创意合作伙伴。Studio One是由工具驱动的,这些工具可以在不阻碍你的情况下增强你的创造力;我们首创了它的拖放工作流,这种工作流在其他地方继续被模仿。在其他国家,需要五步才能完成的艰苦任务通常只需要……一个。一个流行的例子是:通过简单的拖放操作,你可以将MIDI转换为音频,然后再转换回来。

Studio One的开发者PreSonus发布了5.0.2版本,其中包含了一些新特性和bug修正。

播客模板现在与Studio One Prime兼容








Eco过滤器可能在控制台上导致’ 666 ‘错误


升级客户,请注意:Studio One 5是作为一个新的应用程序安装的,并且不会覆盖你之前版本的Studio One。两个版本都可以在同一台计算机上运行,只是不能同时运行。之前版本中创建的歌曲和项目将在Studio One 5中打开。然而,一旦您在版本5中保存了歌曲或项目,您将无法在早期版本的Studio One中打开它。

还需要注意的是Studio One 5对音频处理特性进行了一些更改,最值得注意的是更新后的Native Effects插件套件。因此,您可能会注意到您的歌曲或项目的声音的变化。根据所使用的处理,这些变化可能是细微的,也可能是相当明显的。因此,强烈建议您在Studio One的早期版本中保留会话的副本,以便您可以选择恢复。


Ampire XT > Ampire(第三代)兼容性:“Ampire XT Classics”legacy扩展与Studio One 5不兼容。如果你还在用旧的放大器来听你的歌,你有三种选择:


b)在录音室One打开这首歌之前,使用Ampire XT Classics来弹轨。



现有的Studio One用户将在他们的用户帐户中找到更新,或者使用Studio One帮助菜单中的“检查更新”选项。


Record, produce, mix, master, and perform all from a single, intuitive application. Designed with ease of use at its core, Studio One® 5 is your creative partner from studio to stage. Studio One is driven by tools that enhance your creativity without getting in the way; we pioneered its drag-and-drop workflow that continues to be imitated elsewhere. Laborious tasks that take five steps in other DAWs usually only take… One. A popular example: you can convert MIDI to audio and back with a simple drag-and-drop.

PreSonus, the makers of Studio One, have released version 5.0.2 with new features and bug fixes, they include.
New features and improvements:

Podcast template now compatible with Studio One Prime

The following issues have been fixed:

Waveforms not updated correctly while
editing logarithmic and exponential fades o applying clip gain envelopes on bent audio

any clip gain envelope edits will cause the user interface to become sluggish

Potential crash on closing a song

Notes in “Mix” record mode are overwritten in certain situations

Not possible to paste note data from clipboard to an empty section of an instrument track

Parts are split on overdub

[Impact XT] Eco Filter may cause ‘666’ errors on the console

Important Notes From PreSonus

UPGRADE CUSTOMERS, PLEASE NOTE: Studio One 5 is installed as a new application and doesn’t overwrite your previous version of Studio One. Both versions can be run on the same computer, just not simultaneously. Songs and Projects created in previous versions of Studio One will open in Studio One 5. However, once you have saved a Song or Project in version 5, you will not be able to open it in an earlier version of Studio One.

It is important to note also that Studio One 5 includes several changes to audio processing features, most notably in the updated Native Effects plug-in suite. Because of this, you may notice changes to the sound of your Song or Project. These changes may be subtle or quite noticeable depending on the processing that was used. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you retain a copy of your session in the earlier version of Studio One so that you can revert if you so chose.

Please also make sure that your 3rd party plug-ins are updated to the most recent version.

Ampire XT > Ampire (third-generation) compatibility: The “Ampire XT Classics” legacy extension isn’t compatible with Studio One 5. If you have been using any of the legacy amps in songs you are still working on, you have three options:

a) Finish the song in your previous version of Studio One.

b) Bounce tracks using Ampire XT Classics to audio before opening the song in Studio One 5.

c) Open the song in Studio One 5 and replace Ampire XT Classics amps with any of the new

State Space Modeling amps.

Existing Studio One users will find the update in their user account or by using the ‘Check For Update’ option in Studio One help menu.




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