PG music Band in a Box 2023 UltraPAK+WIN完整版


《盒®中带 2023》有 70 多项新功能!这包括许多主要的新功能。有部分轨道重新生成,具有屏幕上的重新生成面板和始终不同的设置,可在任何 RealTrack 上获得多达 40 种变体。添加了撤消 – 曲目生成和撤消 – 歌曲生成。您现在可以对 RealTracks/RealDrums 轨道进行复制、剪切、粘贴、删除、插入和执行其他编辑功能,同时保留轨道重新生成新材料的能力。自动保存歌曲可防止数据丢失。可播放轨道针对可播放的RealTracks进行了增强(404个新的Sforzando声音,总共700个 – 全部带有音频演示),现在包括可播放的RealDrums,MIDI SuperTracks和MIDI轨道。现在有RealTracks词干,独立的孤立轨道可用于多轨RealTracks,如号角(例如,Crooner,Blues),Vocals和String Quartets。添加了用于淡出、渐强等的主轨道音量自动化。包括SynthMaster®Player合成器,具有现代/技术声音。音频输入监控,以听到您的音频输入(例如,带效果器的电吉他)到音频输出。琶音器声音可用。EZ 选择您的 RealTracks/RealDrums文件夹。“找不到样式”的帮助,提供信息和替代品列表。使用歌曲和弦生成前奏。RealDrums 填充控制、StylePicker 增强功能 – 预览、原型和重建等等!

Band-in-a-Box® 2023 DAW 插件提供了 40 多项令人兴奋的新功能和增强功能,包括鼓干(在实际录音会话中使用的不同麦克风中分离音轨)、4 种配色方案可供选择、增强的和弦设置、改进的撤消/重做操作、需要重建时“重建样式选择器”通知、EZ RealTracks/RealDrums 文件夹位置对话框, 等等!

There are over 70 new features in Band-in-a-Box® 2023!This includes many major new features. There are Partial Track Re-Generations, with an on-screen Regeneration Panel and an Always Different setting to get up to 40 variations on any RealTracks. Undo – Track Generation and Undo – Song Generation is added. You can now copy, cut, paste, delete, insert, and do other editing functions to the RealTracks/RealDrums tracks, while preserving the ability for the tracks to re-generate new material. Auto-Save Song prevents data loss. Playable Tracks are enhanced for Playable RealTracks (404 new Sforzando sounds, 700 total – all with Audio Demos), and now include Playable RealDrums, MIDI SuperTracks and MIDI tracks. There are now RealTracks Stems, separate isolated tracks available for multi-track RealTracks like Horns (e.g., Crooner, Blues), Vocals, and String Quartets. Master Track Volume Automation for fadeouts, crescendos etc. added. SynthMaster®Player synth included, with modern/techno sounds. Audio Input monitoring to hear your Audio Input (e.g., electric guitar with effects) through to Audio Out. Arpeggiator sounds available. EZ Selection of your RealTracks/RealDrumsFolders. Help for “Style not Found” providing info and lists of substitutes. Generate Intros using Song Chords. RealDrums Fills control, Enhancements for StylePicker – Preview, Prototypes and Rebuild, and much more!

The Band-in-a-Box® 2023 DAW Plugin offers over 40 exciting new features and enhancements, including Drum Stems (separate tracks from the different microphones used during the actual recording sessions), 4 color schemes to choose from, enhanced chord settings, improved undo/redo operation, “Rebuild StylePicker” notificationwhenever rebuild is required, EZ RealTracks/RealDrums Folder Locations dialog, and more!


1. Step 4/Add-Ons 新增Melodist
2. Step 03 Bonus Packs 新增 2010-2014 0pak/49pak
3. Video demos for 2023 新增 “Band-in-a-Box® 2023 for Windows® Boot Camp:Working with the Newest Features.rar”
4. Band-in-a-Box 2023 UltraPAK+ installation guide.txt 更新。


additional_content_2023_pluspak.exe(1.9 GB)

xpro_styles_paks_1-4.exe(1.9 GB)

xtra_styles_paks_1-12.exe(1.9 GB)
xtra_styles_paks_13-15.exe(485.1 MB)

artistperformances1-12.exe(1.9 GB)

realdrums_stems03.exe(1.7 GB)
realdrums_stems04.exe(1.3 GB)

realtracks401-405.exe(1.3 GB)
realtracks406-411.exe(1.4 GB)

realtracks412-416.exe(952.0 MB)
realtracks417-422.exe(1.2 GB

realtracks423-425.exe(1.3 GB)
realtracks426-429.exe(1.2 GB

2023_0pak.exe(1.4 GB)
2023_49pak.exe(1.8 GB)

playable_realtracks01-02_demos.exe(1.7 GB)
playable_realtracks02_sforzando.exe(1.7 GB)

xpro_styles_pak_4.exe(1.2 GB)
hiq_instruments_sforzando.exe(520.7 MB)
songslessonspak.exe(482.8 MB)


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