Outsider House风格编曲教程 – Sonic Academy How To Make Outsider House with P-LASK TUTORiAL

P2P | 26 November 2021 | 2.44 GB

Sonic Academy 欢迎 Ableton 大师 P-LASK 参加新的史诗般的“如何制作”课程,以 DJ Boring、Ross From Friends 和 Mall Grab 的风格创作“Outsider House”曲目。

从头开始,主要使用 Ableton 的库存插件,Paul 构建了鼓模式,声音设计了合成器和贝斯线,融合了模拟和数字,并利用了经典的人声样本,同时对每个元素进行了细微的调整,以获得 lo-fi 坚韧不拔的感觉。

P-LASK 的课程总是很受你们的欢迎,这门课程也不例外 – 充满了简单易懂的工作流程技术,这个 4 小时的课程将帮助你获得追捧的过时声音,这样你就可以 感受’你想要的任何流派。



Sonic Academy welcomes back Ableton guru P-LASK for a new epic ‘How To Make’ course creating an ‘Outsider House’ track in the style of DJ Boring, Ross From Friends and Mall Grab.

Starting from scratch and utilising mainly Ableton stock plugins, Paul builds the drum patterns, sound designs the synths and bass lines merging analogue and digital, and utilises a classic vocal sample while making subtle adjustments to each element to get that lo-fi gritty feel.

P-LASK’s courses are always a hit with you guys and this one is no exception – packed full of straightforward and easy-to-follow workflow techniques, this 4-hour course will help you get that sought after dated sound so you can that ‘feel’ to whatever genre you want.

Check it out!

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