Organic Loops Retro Funk and Disco WAV REX

1.05 GB

Organic Loops推出了Retro Funk和Disco,这是一个全新的样品系列,其灵感来自1970年的喇叭弹,Disco,Funk和Rare Groove时代。期望找到具有感染力的Beats,战利品般的低音,颤音的低音号角,经典的弦乐,时髦的吉他等等。所有内容均为100%免版税,并浸透在灵魂中。

Retro Funk and Disco带有1.28GB的声音,具有循环,一次拍摄,采样器补丁和Rex2文件,为您的下一个作品注入些许精致感和光芒。具有大量基本的迪斯科元素;您会发现回路中装有专业演奏的电吉他,弦,合成器,牛角,长笛,键和时髦的低音!每个声音都经过精心处理,并具有无数种外部效果,包括;对话盒,Wah踏板,法兰,移相器,延迟器等等,可让Disco立刻以24位分辨率闪烁!

Retro Funk and Disco配备了70多个专用鼓环和58个主要打击乐环,可为您带来理想的摇摆迪斯科节奏! 80还包括一剂样品;涵盖了鼓,打击乐器,低音,人声和吉他声,这些都是为您喜欢的软件采样器准备和格式化的,可以在您的DAW中触发。

在110-130BPM的速度下,Retro Funk和Disco非常适合放克,Disco,Soul,House,Electronica和Downtempo类型。与往常一样,所有音乐内容都带有关键标签,可立即整合到您的音乐中!
来自Organic Loops的Retro Funk and Disco为您的下一个作品提供了明亮而大胆的超级Disco声音选择!登录以下载免费的品尝包,并查看演示以了解更多信息。
•2个Clav Bass Loops
•17 Fx
•8首Bass Hits
•395 Rex2文件

Organic Loops present Retro Funk and Disco – a brand new sample collection inspired by the 1970’s flare flapping, Disco, Funk and Rare Groove era. Expect to find infectious Beats, booty shaking Bass, syncopated Horns, classic Strings, Funky Guitars and a whole bunch more. All content is 100% Royalty free, and drenched in Soul.
Retro Funk and Disco comes with 1.28GB of sounds, featuring Loops, One Shots, Sampler Patches and Rex2 files to inject some sophistication and shine into your next production. Featuring a wealth of essential disco elements; you’ll find Loops packed with expertly-played Electric Guitars, Strings, Synths, Horns, Flutes, Keys and funky Bass! Each sound lovingly processed with a myriad of outboard effects including; Talk Boxes, Wah Pedals, Flangers, Phasers, Delays and more, for immediate Disco sparkle at 24 bit resolution!
Retro Funk and Disco comes complete with Over 70 dedicated Drum Loops, with 58 prime Percussion Loops to create your ideal swingin’ disco rhythm! 80 One shot samples are also included; covering Drums, Percussions, Bass, Vocals and Guitar Hits – all prepped and formatted for your favourite software sampler, and ready to be triggered in your DAW.
At tempos from 110-130BPM, Retro Funk and Disco is ideal for Funk, Disco, Soul, House, Electronica and Downtempo genres. As always, all musical content is key-labelled for immediate integration in your music!
Retro Funk and Disco from Organic Loops is a bright and bold selection of super Disco sounds for your next production! Log in to download a free taster pack and check out the demos to hear more.
•24Bit 44.1KHZ
•74 Drum Loops
•64 Electric Guitar Loops
•58 Perc Loops
•55 Keys Loops
•45 Electric Bass Loops
•38 Synth Loops
•27 String Loops
•20 Horn Loops
•6 Flute Loops
•6 Synth Bass Loops
•2 Clav Bass Loops
•43 Perc Hits
•17 Fx
•8 Bass Hits
•8 Vocals
•4 Guitar Hits
•395 Rex2 Files




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