Loopmasters Synkro Ambient Drum and Bass [MULTiFORMAT]

Team DECiBEL | 22 February 2021 | 757.3 MBLoopmasters呈现Synkro Ambient Drum和Bass,这是一种浓烈的大气声音,是由深沉缓慢燃烧的环境大师提供的。里面的所有内容都是100%免版税,并且具有您需要的高端Synkro生产抛光剂,可为您的音乐带来深度和清晰度。
Synkro又名曼彻斯特的Joe McBride创造了精致,感性和理性的音景;充分利用各种低音文化和电子乐的影响力。随着Exit Records,Brownswood,Styrax,Auxiliary&Med School的发行唱片的发行,他最近在R&S姐妹品牌“ Apollo”上找到了住所。 Synkro是UK Bass时间轴上一位真正的知名艺术家,得到了Chris Coco,Gilles Peterson,Mary Anne Hobbs,Prefuse 73和dBridge等公司的大力支持。

Synkro Ambient鼓和低音为您带来1.1GB茂密,结晶的声音,供您探索-拥有130多个构造性的Basslines,铰接式鼓,空灵乐器和洗过石头的打击乐环。期望每个样本都具有Synkro产品的完整质感,深度和和声,并通过精心制作的工艺来进一步增强声音。您会发现广泛的音乐元素,包括Synths,Pads,Arpeggios,Synth,Pianos等,可以为您的混音带来空气和美感。

Synkro还带来了239个One Shot样本,包括Bass,Bass Hits,打击乐,Synths和FX。所有这些都旨在在您的DAW中进行触发和排序,并提供了Sampler Patches(打补丁器),可从单词go进行无缝集成。还包括10个多采样乐器,每个旋律元素都用键标记,因此您始终知道该键。 Synkro Ambient Drum和Bass的输出稳定在170BPM / 85BPM,非常适合DnB,Jungle和其他半节奏类型。

Synkro说:“这些样本选择来自我最喜欢的硬件机器,并借助其精神来创建一套功能强大的环境生产工具。一切都以170 / 85bpm的速度排序,这是我最喜欢使用的节奏之一-但它们可以可以在电子音乐的任何子流派中以任何节奏使用”。

使用的齿轮包括珍贵的雅马哈QY700,Juno-6,AlphaJuno1,JX8P,UA插件。以及诸如Korg Monotron,TC电子产品名人堂混响踏板和一些lo-fi吉他踏板之类的小工具。

详细而言,期望找到374个单独的24位WAV样本的1.10 GB内容。包括135个循环,其中35个音乐循环,30个鼓循环,26个低音循环,20个打击乐循环,18个鼓制作套件循环和6个FX循环。 239个打击包括62个鼓打击,22个FX打击,15个低音打击,12个打击垫打击,5个多重采样的低音乐器[45个样本],5个多重采样的Synth乐器[80个样本]和3个Synth打击。还包括138个Rex2文件,5个Kong补丁和52个用于NNXT,Halion,Kontakt,Exs24和SFZ的采样器补丁。

Synkro Ambient Drum and Bass是一种多维,随时间推移的声音选择,以提高规范。

1.10 GB
22 Fx
5 Synth Multis
3 Synth Hits
138 Rex2文件

Loopmasters present Synkro Ambient Drum and Bass – an elevating selection of richly atmospheric sounds from a master of deep, slow-burning ambience. Everything inside is 100% Royalty Free and features the high-end Synkro production polish you need to bring depth and clarity to your music.

Synkro aka Manchester’s Joe McBride creates elaborate, emotive & intellectual soundscapes; drawing on influences across a spectrum of Bass Culture and Electronica sounds. With releases on Exit Records, Brownswood, Styrax, Auxiliary & Med School – he’s most recently found a home on R&S sister label ‘Apollo’. Synkro is a truly established artist in the timeline of UK Bass with major support from the likes of Chris Coco, Giles Peterson, Mary Anne Hobbs, Prefuse 73 and dBridge.

Synkro Ambient Drum and Bass brings you 1.1GB of lush, crystallised sounds to explore – with over 130 tectonic Basslines, articulated Drums, ethereal Instruments and stone-washed Percussion Loops. Expect the full texture, depth and harmonics of a Synkro production in each sample, with carefully crafted processing to enhance the sounds even further. You’ll find expansive musical elements to choose from with Synths, Pads, Arpeggios, Synth, Pianos and more to deliver air and beauty to your mix.

Synkro has brought 239 One Shot samples too, with Basses, Drum Hits, Percussion, Synths and FX. These are all designed to be triggered and sequenced in your DAW, with Sampler Patches provided for seamless integration from the word go. 10 Multi Sampled Instruments are also included, with each melodic element key-labelled, so you always know the key. At a solid 170BPM / 85BPM, Synkro Ambient Drum and Bass is ideal for DnB, Jungle and other half-tempo genres.

Synkro says: “This selection of samples comes from my favourite hardware machines, with the ethos to create a powerful set of ambient production tools. Everything has been sequenced at 170/85bpm as its one of my favourite tempos to work with – but they can be used at any tempo, in any sub-genre of electronic music”.

The gear used includes a prized Yamaha QY700, Juno-6, AlphaJuno1, JX8P, UA plug-ins. as well as gadgets like the Korg Monotron, TC electronics Hall of Fame Reverb pedal and a few lo-fi guitar pedals.

In detail expect to find 1.10 GB of content with 374 individual 24 Bit WAV Samples. 135 Loops are included with 35 Music Loops, 30 Drum Loops, 26 Bass Loops, 20 Percussion Loops, 18 Drum Construction Kit Loops and 6 FX Loops. 239 One Shots are included with 62 Drum Hits, 22 FX Hits, 15 Bass Hits, 12 Pad Hits, 5 Multi Sampled Bass Instruments [45 Samples], 5 Multi Sampled Synth Instruments [80 Samples] and 3 Synth Hits. Also included are 138 Rex2 Files, 5 Kong Patches and 52 Sampler Patches for NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, Exs24 and SFZ.

Synkro Ambient Drum and Bass is a multi-dimensional, time-lapsed selection of sounds, to ascend the norm.

1.10 GB
24Bit 44.1KHZ
35 Music Loops
30 Drum Loops
26 Bass Loops
20 Percussion Loops
18 Drum Construction Kit Loops
6 Fx Loops
62 Drum Hits
22 Fx
15 Bass Hits
12 Pad Hits
5 Bass Multis
5 Synth Multis
3 Synth Hits
138 Rex2 Files
52 Soft Sampler Patches
5 Kong

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